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Video Vault – Fight for Wife… The RIGHT Way

So Triple H’s growl face two weeks ago on Monday Night may have shocked a lot of viewers and others laughed at his ridiculous visage. It was like he was going “grumble grumble grumble”. This idea of the husband fighting for his wife’s honor is all too familiar. Randy and Liz were the most famous couple in professional wrestling, bar none. The minute somebody even got CLOSE to Elizabeth, even including his tag team partner Hulk Hogan; Randy would become a Savage.

The issue is, as I have stated many times, Stephanie McMahon is just not a likable character. From Elizabeth’s debut and throughout the 80s she was a lovely, kind-hearted, innocent babyface despite managing an insane crazy person who hospitalized Ricky Steamboat! Elizabeth always dressed glamorously and always stood by her man through thick and thin.

Stephanie has been a heel throughout the majority of her run and even though the WWE does have a new fanbase of people who didn’t watch her dump trash all over Trish Stratus, slap her mother, or try to put the WWF out of business, she was being a bitch just a few months ago! She boots Shane off TV, has a snobby attitude, and goes around slapping wrestlers. Did Elizabeth ever slap somebody that didn’t have it coming?

Triple H is supposed to be the big hero. Sure, he’s over, but he’s terrible at being a good guy. He buries people left and right and what’s sad about it is, I’m not even SURE if he even KNOWS he’s doing it. Deliberate or not, he comes off like a snob, and specially to the “insider” fanbase who is familiar with his antics as a politician and his real life marriage to Steph, which has now become a storyline based in reality.

Today, we look at true madness. Jake Roberts had the audacity to put his hands on Miss Elizabeth? He had the balls to go beyond disrespect and put his hands on her?

Was Randy mad?

Oooooooooooooo Yeah. (Dig it)

I don’t even think jumbo sized Slim Jims can calm that man down!

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