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We’re days away from the biggest Dragon Gate show ever. So I figured it’s time to bust out a TV review. This show was taped at Korakuen Hall so good stuff was to be expected.


YAMATO, Cyber Kong & Genki Horiguchi vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & Anthony W. Mori

Mainly a match to further the Mori/Kong feud. Lots of fun stuff here, especially YAMATO getting to showcase more of his offence than usual (he’s a hell of a wrestler if you haven’t noticed!). Genki was super smooth as always and ate a string of the babyfaces big moves for the finish. The last of which was Anthony busting out a Cyber Bomb to ZING Kong. Those two had to be separated post match and they ended up challenging each other for a Mascara vs. Caballera match at Sumo Hall.

Open the Brave Gate Title: Masato Yoshino © vs. KAGETORA

One of my all time favourite wrestlers taking on one of the dudes I’m digging alot currently. Bound to be a good match and of course it was. They meshed really well for two guys who I don’t think have been in the ring together before (unless Yoshi had a hand in KAGE’s training). We had some RH interference spots which did kind of get in the way a bit, but it didn’t harm the match too much. Some big nearfalls that the crowd really got into. KAGE was put down by a pair of Lightning Spirals (the second of which was a sick bump). Post match YAMATO voiced his displeasure at KAGE not winning the belt.

Special Singles Match: BxB Hulk vs. Koji Kanemoto

A rematch of their bout in New Japan in 2007 when BxB was just a pup and Koji beat the tar out of him. Hulk wasn’t about to take that shit this time and got allllll up in the vets face. Match was filled with some awesome striking exchanges. They didn’t go as all out as you might expect towards the finish but it was still effective. Kanemoto picked up the win, which seemed surprising initially until it became clear that he wasn’t done in DG just yet.

The reason being Open The Dream Gate champion Naruki Doi hitting the ring and challenging Kanemoto to a title match at Sumo Hall. He threw the key gimmick at him and Koji was all like “WTF is this bullshit” and kicked the key out of the ring. YOU DON’T DISRESPECT THE KEYS KOJI! A mortal sin in Dragon Gate land.

Solid show this week. Two matches were set up nicely for the PPV and we got three very enjoyable matches with Yoshino/KAGE probably being the best.

Infinity 121 – 7.5

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