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Dragon Gate Infinity 122 + 123


1. Open the Twin Gate Unified Tag Title: YAMATO & Cyber Kong (c) vs. Susumu Yokosuka & Ryo Saito

The story going into this was that Ryosuka may not have had a stable anymore, but they still had each other and they felt that was all they needed to get another run with the Twin Gate. YAMATO and Kong have been the most dominant champs in many months so they were gonna be hard to knock off. The match was as good as you’d expect when you’ve got the two best sellers in the company and two of the best heels beating their asses down. When it looked like Susumu and Ryo had things going their way, we were dealt with a huge shock. As Susumu had the pin, the referee was pulled out of the ring by RYO! The crowd gasped but the genius was that Susumu didn’t know what happened. He called his partner back into the ring for a double team. Everyone in the building but Susumu knew Ryo was dirty and then with his back turned we got this awesome visual as HEEL RYO was about to strike:


Ryo blue-boxed his partner, and one YAMATO Galleria later and the deal was done. Saito had joined Real Hazard and he and his new allies put the boots to Susumu until a surprise intruder made the save – Gamma!

2. Open the Triangle Gate Title: Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & Magnitude Kishiwada (c) vs. Shingo Takagi, Dragon Kid & Taku Iwasa

The main event was another great Zetsurins match in what has been a superb couple of months for them. Kid was there to take a beating, Shingo was there for the hard hitting exchanges and Iwasa was there to once again step the F up in Mochi’s face. Towards the end the action was at a frantic pace, as you’d expect from a DG tag. Not surprisingly, it came down to Mochi and Taku and finally the upstart got the pin over the vet. With that we had new Triangle Gate champs. KAMIKAZE were sitting atop the Dragon Gate world.

Overall a very good episode with a phenomenal angle turning Ryo and two enjoyable matches.

Infinity 122 – 8


1. Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanizaki & m.c.KZ vs. Shingo Takagi, Dragon Kid & Taku Iwasa

Non-title match here for the Triangle Gate champs. They went about 13 minutes at a heck of a pace. KZ was impressive. He’s really coming along nicely and has a ton of personality. Doi and Shingo tore into each other as always and it was great. Can’t wait for them to meet up again in singles. Fingers crossed it happens. A crazy dive sequence near the end left Taku and Naoki in the ring, and surprisingly it was Naoki who picked up a BIG win for him. Post match Real Hazard attacked and a World-1 vs. KAMIKAZE vs. Real Haz match was set up for the belts at Sumo Hall.

2. Open the Twin Gate Unified Tag Title:
YAMATO & Cyber Kong (c) vs. Gamma & Susumu Yokosuka

Best Infinity match in weeks here. The heat the heels got on Gamma was unreal. The crowd were going nuts. When Susumu made the hot tag the roof came off and he went to town with Exploder Suplexes and lariats. RH got the advantage back and then for the second week running we got an awesome creative turn. As the heels were doing the train spot in the corner, KAGETORA out of nowhere changed directions and hit Arai. Gammasuka took over and finished off Kong to become NEW Twin Gate champions!

Gamma got on the mic and informed a dejected RH crew that he KAGE and Susumu were a new unit, but there was one more member…… I….. LIKE…. COOOOOLAAAA!!! hit the speakers and out came the returning CIMA! The look on YAMATO’s face was worth a zillion bucks. He looked like a 4 year old who just had their favourite teddy bear carved up with a fork. The new unit announced their name as Warriors-5 and member number five would be revealed in due time.

Awwwwesome episode here. Two great matches and another really hot angle, much like last week.

Infinity 123 – 8.5

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