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HBO Boxing – Juan Diaz vs. Juan Manuel Marquez Play By Play

Last night, I set my DVR to record the west coast HD broadcast of this fight. For some reason, a movie was recorded instead. Thus, I had to set it to this morning for the replay. Thankfully, the same movie was not in place of it again.

The first fight of the night was Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez in a war that seemingly got better as the fight progressed. John built up an early lead but Juarez made a valiant comeback. It was one of those fights where you had the more technical and busy boxer in John stay consistently bring the fight for all twelve rounds. Juarez had the crowd behind him and he was picking John apart late in the fight. However, John was also scoring. The fight ended in a draw, which I guess could definitely be the right decision, though I probably would’ve had it for John slightly. Then again, I’m a fan of technical boxing and I enjoy watching a guy be consistent with his punches all night long. But take nothing away from Juarez. He made the fight, especially in the end.

And now, for the main event.

Juan Diaz vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

1st Round
The first round was all fire. Diaz came out hard and rushed Marquez with body shots. Marquez was brilliant defensively for most of the round. Actually, both guys were. There were spurts of fast combinations from both guys. Diaz wanted to push Marquez into the ropes and just tee off. Marquez was trying to block those shots and then fire with his own. Diaz got the better of a late exchange that probably won him the round.

2nd Round
Another really great round. They were firing like crazy again. Diaz is doing a great job at hiding the fact that Marquez is actually scoring as whenever Marquez gets one of those visible combinations, he’s blocking most of the shots. Where Marquez seems to be scoring is in single shots. Diaz probably won another closer round because he rocked Marquez a bit in the middle of the round.

3rd Round
You can see Shane, Oscar, and B-Hop in the second round watching this battle. This one was harder to score. Diaz stayed on him, but Marquez did a much better job at getting his shots in and then getting out of there. They both hit some flush shots, but I’d probably give this one to Marquez ever so slightly. He didn’t let Diaz get that one big shot like he did in the first two.

4th Round
This is another hard one to score. What I liked most about the round is that Marquez definitely has a strategy here to let Diaz unload, use his great defense, and then score flush with his countershots. I think he’s going to end up stealing rounds if this is the case for the rest of the fight. I have the fight scored even right now.

5th Round
Both guys had really good rounds. Diaz probably takes this round, but it’s close enough to where you could score it even. Probably the best round since the second.

6th Round
Marquez has a cut to the side of his right eye, which will probably hurt him in the eyes of the judges because it shows that Diaz’s shots are taking a toll. Diaz doesn’t have any visible blemishes thus far. The best exchange was late in the round. Diaz pushed him towards the corner and Marquez picked off everything and turned him around. This is a great fight. Probably Diaz’s round again because of the pressure he’s putting on him.

7th Round
Lederman just said that Marquez needs to stay off the ropes, and you’d have to agree, but Marquez is getting some really sharp punches off with his back against the ropes. Diaz is so impressive when he gets Marquez where he wants him. He doesn’t waste any time in trying to put big shots together. The problem with scoring this fight is that you can really make the claim that these rounds are toss ups except for a couple. Diaz probably wins the round again because he was more impressive with his shots, but Marquez is scoring too. Another crazy close round.

8th Round
Diaz looks to be cut on his right eye. Marquez might be smelling blood right here. This is Marquez’s round. He stunned Diaz with an uppercut (I think) and for the first time in the fight, Diaz isn’t in control. Diaz’s cut looks bad.

9th Round
Diaz is trying to smother Marquez, but Marquez’s defense is so smooth. He’s finding ways to get out the backdoor. Diaz might be pressing just a bit as he’s lunging a bit more. Marquez hit him with an uppercut that sent him head first into the canvas. A right hand uppercut sent him back down and the fight is over. That was amazing.

Winner: Juan Manuel Marquez by way of 9th round TKO

One thing that Emmanuel Steward said after the first knockdown is that Diaz didn’t know how to clinch and that an experienced fighter would clinch after the knockdown, specifically to get out of the round and get rest and come back out for the 10th. It was an amazing fight and needs to be seen by any boxing fan.

Marquez has the Ring belt as well as the WBA, WBO, and IBO belts as well.

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