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Woke up before the other guys on Saturday so I decided to head off on my own into Centr-o to do a bit of exploring and ALOT of eating. There’s so many cool shops in that place and a ridiculous amount of hot women strolling around. There were shops for everything, but the coolest thing I saw in the whole place was this:

A 3D image of a tiger, in a solid crystal cube. Dunno how the fuck you create one of those but it’s amazing.

Before I went back to the hotel, it was eating time and I knew there was only one place I needed to be. The VAUNTED Pagoda Chinese Buffet. It’s out on it’s own little island on the side of Centr-o, and with a bridge set up to walk to it, it has a pretty cool look.

I then proceeded to sit down for nigh on 2 hours and stuff myself with 6 plates of food, whilst reading the awesome history of NTV/Japanese wrestling article in the Observer. They had the nicest salmon I have ever tasted in my life, and one plate I took was just a giant tower of it. It was seriously so delicious.

Went back to the hotel and met up with the lads to go to the show (which was on in the afternoon). The venue was bigger than Friday night and once again had a cool atmosphere that hit you the moment you walked in.

1. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Zack Sabre Jr. over Bryan Danielson via Mousetrap

Awesome story here. Very Razor/123 Kid esque. Danielson just dicked around with Zach for the whole match, acting cocky as hell and spending as much time berating the fans as beating up his opponent. It was so much fun. Of course, much like 123 Kid shocked Razor with that moonsault press in 1993, Zach shocked Danielson with a flash pin out of nowhere. He then jumped right into his adoring fans arms as Burning Heart kicked in over the PA. Bryan had the greatest hissy fit ever.

2. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Steve Douglas over Daisuke Sekimoto via Half Nelson Suplex Hold

Sekimoto was flat out incredible in this match. The crowd were soooo behind him and he was just FEEDING off their energy. One of the best spots of the whole weekend was a FREAKING PELE KICK that he busted out of absolutely nowhere when Douglas was trying for his finisher. They did some of the hottest nearfalls of the whole weekend and I was SURE Daisuke was gonna win, but just when I expected another big kickout he was actually kept down for the 1-2-3. My heart may have broke Ralph Wiggam style right at that very moment.

3. wXw World Lightweight Championship: Tommy End over Dan Paysan, Chris Sabin & Emil Sitoci (c) to become the 15th champion
– Chris Sabin d. Dan Paysan via Cradle Shock
– Tommy End d. Emil Sitoci via Outside Cradle
– Tommy End d. Chris Sabin via Owari Death Combo #2

This match had a tough time following the prior one. The start and end were really good, but the middle dragged at times. Sitoci used the Johnny B. Badd “Badd Blaster” gimmick so in a way it was all worth it. The highlight of the match was when it was down to Sabin and Tommy. Big babyface win to give End the belt. Got over huge of course. Moshing commenced.

We then got an intermission and I popped out to the McDonalds that was near the venue to get my FIRST EVER MCRIB~! I give it a solid ***3/4. It would have been higher but they seriously put about ten buckets of sauce in this thing and I had to spend as much time wiping most of it off as I did eating the thing.

4. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Drake Younger over Big Van Walter via La Magistral Cradle

Unfortunately I missed alot of this match getting back from McD’s. What I saw of it seemed good though. Considering how great these two were on Night 3, I’ll be looking forward to seeing this match again on DVD.

5. Sami Callihan over Erick Stevens via Chain Assisted Right Punch

This was awesome. Both guys were bigtime over and Erick was perhaps even more amped up than the prior night, if that was even possible. Loads of hard hitting as you’d expect and some cool stuff down the stretch. I wasn’t a huge fan of the interference spot for the finish but eh whatcha gonna do. Stevens goes 0-2 for the weekend. A TRUE CRIME (which only gets worse the next night). He’s perhaps more over with the loss though so it’s all good.

6. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Shingo Takagi over Tyler Black via MADE IN JAPAN

Match of the weekend up to this point. Absolutely and completely mind blowingly awesome!!!!! GET THIS DVD FOR THIS MATCH! I don’t even know where to start with reviewing this… I mean I can’t possibly do it justice. Just two great wrestlers going at it 120% in front of one of the hottest crowds you’ll see anywhere in the world. They traded bigtime nearfalls before Shingo won with MADE IN JAPAN. One of the nearfalls was from the move Shingo won with the prior night. So he had to bust out something bigger.

7. 6-Man Tag Team Match: The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) & Tatsuhito Takaiwa over Doug Williams & Martin Stone & Absolute Andy via Death Valley Driver from Takaiwa on Stone

Good solid 6 man between guys the crowd loved and guys they hated. Takaiwa really should have been decked out in English Football gear. A nice Chelsea shirt would have been sweet! The Kartel continue to frustrate the babyfaces by picking up a win.

8. wXw World Heavyweight Championship: Bryan Danielson d. Bad Bones (c) via Cattle Mutilation to become the 21st champion

It’s not often you get a show opening and closing with American Dragon matches. Danielson was more serious and intense here than in his prior two matches of the weekend. He was resorting to his whole arsenal of moves, because Bad Bones was THAT TOUGH! Really dramatic match. Bones is from the area and the crowd adore him. One of those matches you just completely lose yourself in. When Bryan won the belt I could audibly hear Ralph Wiggam’ing from every inch of the building. Hearts were broken like it was Dallas in 1983 and a Von Erich head just got slammed into a cage door. Danielson cut a promo saying how the first match of the night didn’t matter, he got the last laugh and that the belt was nothing to him. He was just happy that he made us so sad! Awesome main event.

Overall this was a great great show. Even better than Night 1. Shingo/Tyler, Dragon/Bones and Daisuke/Douglas were the standout matches.

I went to the fans afterparty, and I have to say that everyone was so unbelievably nice. Just some of the coolest guys around. I’ll probably talk more about the people I met when I do my overall thoughts on the weekend.

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