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Video Vault – Von Erich Brothers at the Pizza Inn

It’s a real tragedy with what happened to World Class Championship Wrestling, specifically watching this commercial from 1985 with the Von Erich boys. Two of the three in this video are no longer with us. Kevin Von Erich is the only survivor as Kerry and Mike tragically died in the 90s, both suicides. The alleged “World Class Curse” is no secret to long time wrestling fans, specifically those in Texas.

In just six weeks, the Von Erich family will me immortalized as they enter World Wrestling Entertainment’s Hall of Fame, the night before Wrestlemania 25.

15 years ago… we could’ve chilled with them at the Pizza Inn.

All the Pizza… Salads… AND MUFFINS! I want a buffet to have MUFFINS!! The world was better back then…

Hall of Fame Family
Hall of Fame Pizza

Sad that neither are around anymore…

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1 thought on “Video Vault – Von Erich Brothers at the Pizza Inn

  1. I remember growing up and watching WCCW on ESPN and just thinking that Kerry Von Erich was the man.

    It’ll be cool to see them inducted during Mania weekend.

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