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The Contender Season 4 – Episode 12

The Contender Season 4 Finale
MGM Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut
25th February 2009

Rico Hoye (22-3) vs. Akinyemi “AK” Laleye (12-2)
The live broadcast opened with Rico Hoye taking on Akinyemi “AK” Laleye over eight rounds in the Bronze medal match. AK started off fast, closing down Rico, and throwing a lot of powerful shots on the inside. He looked to be the far more confident of the two in the early going, but the momentum quickly switched when Hoye hurt Laleye with a hard shot to the body late in the second round. It appeared to knock a lot of the fight out of AK. His work rate dropped after that and it never really recovered. He continued to press forward, but was throwing fewer punches, and Rico was able to outwork him at close range.

Hoye came close to finishing it with a big flurry of shots in the 4th round. Laleye was blocking a lot of the punches, but nothing was coming back from him. He lay against the ropes under consistent pressure from Hoye. The Referee took a very close look, but AK did just enough to keep himself in the fight.

Both guys were really tired going into the fifth, and the fight became a bit of a grappling contest. The referee warned both fighters to keep it clean, and AK was deducted one point for excessive holding midway through the round. He was already way behind on the scorecards and needed a Knock out to win. The snap was gone from AK’s punches and Rico was able to comfortably outbox him to see out the decision. All three judges scored it 79-72 in favour of Hoye, as did i.
Winner: Rico Hoye – Decision
Troy Ross (20-1) vs. Ehinomen “Hino” Ehikamenor (15-3)
Then in the main event Troy Ross squared off against Ehinomen “Hino” Ehikamenor to crown the new Contender champion. The bout got off to a very tentative start with few punches landing in the opening round. Hino tried to force the action by making it a brawl in round 2. Troy had been struggling to find his range on the outside, and was confident enough to stand and trade with him. Both boxers threw a lot of hard shots, but neither was able to land cleanly. Their styles just seemed to be neutralizing one another.

The break through did finally come in round 4. Ross connected with several big looping hooks which rattled Hino. Troy poured on the pressure, forcing Hino back into the corner, where he continued to unload. Ehikamenor, clearly disorientated, turned away from his opponent and lay against the turnbuckle pad. Troy continued to punch away until referee Steve Smoger stepped in and stopped the fight.

Hino protested the stoppage, but I believe the ref made the right call. He definitely looked to be out momentarily, and he was not defending himself. Troy Ross is the season 4 Contender Champion.
Winner: Troy Ross – KO

Felix Cora Jr. (19-3)
vs. Tim Flamos (20-5)
The early knock out in the main event meant there was time left over to show one of the prelims from earlier on in the evening. Felix Cora Jr. overwhelmed the tough Tim Flamos to score a KO in the third. Finish was absolutely brutal. Tim has a great chin and took a lot of huge hooks and uppercuts before finally hitting the canvas face first. He had been badly shaken a few times prior to the knockdown, and I was shocked that the referee even started to count. Tim made it back to his feet, but his legs were completely gone and he was wobbling back and forth. Thankfully the referee called a stop to the fight.
Winner: Felix Cora Jr. – KO

In the untelevised prelims Ryan Coyne scored a decision victory over Richard Gingras, and Alfredo Escalera Jr stopped Erick Vega in the 6th round.

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3 thoughts on “The Contender Season 4 – Episode 12

  1. When Hino went against the ropes, I was like, “Get out of there!” And then it was over. I wanted to see more, but oh well, that was dumb and he got caught.

    Nice job recapping the show for the entire season Duan.

  2. Yeah, I plan to add to this post with some more thoughts on the show overall, and where they go from here. I just wanted to get the results up first while they are still recent.

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