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The Contender Season 4 – Episode 10

This week on The Contender we have the two remaining quarter final match ups. Hino faces off against Deon in the first bout, while Rico will compete with Joell for the last spot in the semifinals.

All the members of the blue team have now been eliminated, and the gold team is left alone in the house to celebrate their victory. Rico is particularly happy that Alfredo is gone due to the animosity that was beginning to develop between them.

At training, Joell was much improved and he looks to be getting back into fighting shape just in time for his match.

This is the first time we have teammate against teammate as Hino takes on Deon. It looks like Deon is going to be cornered by blue team coach John Bray, while Tommy Brooks will continue to work with Hino. Deon is undefeated so far in his boxing career, but Hino believes that his edge is experience will make all the difference.

Ehinomen “Hino” Ehikhamenor
(13-3) vs. Deon Elam (10-0)

Deon has a significant height and reach advantage, but Hino is quicker to the punch. Deon hasn’t establish his jab, and is just not being active enough in the early going.

Deon starts using his jab, but throws it with no real conviction. He is just hanging it out there, and Hino is walking right through it and getting his own shots off. 2-0 to Hino.

More of the same, Deon just can’t let his hands go 3-0.

Deon finally starts to open up. His jab has more weight behind it, and he begins to throw the right as well. He hurt Hino a few times in this round, but still needs something big in the last 3 minutes.

Hino took control again in the final round. He switched levels well , and seemed to confuse Deon. 4-1 Hino

Winner: Ehinomen “Hino” Ehikhamenor by unanimous decision
(49-46, 49 46, -49-46)

This is a fight Deon really should have won. He had all the skills to beat Hino, but let the fight slip away from him. He knows this himself, and makes no excuses. John says that Deon is still a young inexperienced fighter, and that he just needs to learn from this.

Rico tells a story about his time in prison. He was locked up for nine years for his involvement in a shooting. His father and grandfather were his biggest role models. They both passed away during the time he was in jail. He sees boxing as his connection to them, and when he goes to the ring he wants to make them proud.

Joell Godfrey (9-1-1)vs. Rico Hoye (21-2)
This time John corners Joell, and Tommy corners Rico.
Rico closes him down early, and outworks him in the first round.

Another good round for Rico. He keeps it in close, and Joell is not nearly active enough. Joell looks to be getting tired already.

Joell just lies against the ropes and gets pounded in the early part of the round, but then suddenly comes alive and starts to hit and move for the first time in the fight. When he does this he is very effective and he may have done just enough to take the round.

Joell continues on from where he left off in the last round. He picks his punches well, and completely outboxes Rico.

Rico comes out very determined in the last round. He charges forward and just keeps throwing from in close. Joell eventually cracked under the pressure, and dropped to a knee. A 10-8 round for Rico secures the victory.

Winner: Rico Hoye by unanimous decision (50-44, 48-46, 49-45)

Joell is disappointed to have lost for the second time, but feels that this time he gave a far better representation of himself, and now he has something to build on as he continues on with his career.

Semi Final matches
Troy vs. AK
Hino vs. Rico

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