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Raw Thoughts – The Dragon Breathes Fire

I know that I usually talk about Raw on here, but I wanted to start this off by talking about how the ball continues to be dropped in the Raw main event angle between Triple H and Randy Orton. When I first figured out that this is where they were going, I wasn’t too enthralled, but I still figured they’d go all out. But last Friday, they just had Triple H admit that Vince was his father in law, Shane was his brother in law, and Steph was the mother of his children. That’s all. Huh? Where was Orton telling the world that HHH was a liar and asking why he hid his marriage to Stephanie? Where was HHH’s promo saying that he felt that since Steph was a McMahon and someone who is in a managerial position, he didn’t want the world to know? Oh well, I guess the storytelling part of wrestling is just passe. Instead, we just get admissions. Let’s move from A-Z instead of A-B.

Fast forward to Monday and I still don’t really like the angle. HHH chased Legacy around with a sledge hammer and just showed that A) he can’t run and B) he’d be a terrible baseball player. So far, it’s been a waste.

As for the other main event angle, I think they took a step backwards. Last week, John Cena told Edge that he was going to get him. That was all. He was serious. This week, he’s back to telling jokes about Vickie, Big Show, and Edge. I guess they forgot about last week.

With both main event angles disappointing me, there’s Chris Jericho to save the day. His angle has been nothing short of awesome. This week, they announced that Ricky Steamboat was the latest inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame. He came out and then Jericho berated him. They went back and forth and Steamboat did a great job staying with him. Big D said that he always thought Steamboat was an underrated promo. I disagreed because I don’t remember any memorable promos from Steamboat. But he was really good here.

If for some reason, WWE pulls that off YouTube, you can also check it out here.

Where does the angle go from here? I imagine that Dusty Rhodes and Jerry Lawler are next to be berated by Jericho. But what kind of match does it lead to? Is Mickey Rourke going to be involved like we think? But who’s Jericho going to wrestle? There are big rumors that Hulk Hogan will be the guy, but I won’t believe that until they announce it. You still have Steve Austin, but if he wanted to wrestle, he’d have probably wrestled Randy Orton. I’m most intrigued about where they go with this angle more so than anything else.

CM Punk is going to be in Money In The Bank again, which is fine, but I guess it means that they won’t have an IC title match at Mania yet again. I wish they would’ve built up Regal much stronger and maybe have him injure Punk, win the IC belt, and have Punk get it back at the big show. But oh well. Also, both The Miz and Morrison should be in that match, unless we get a Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne tag match at Mania, which I’d totally be fine with.

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