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DRAGON GATE – Infinity 117!

DRAGON GATE – Infinity 117!

1.SHINGO & Akira Tozawa vs. Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino

Just like last week, Infinity kicks off with KAMIKAZE vs. World-1 action. Only this week’s version had one key extra – the return of on of the world’s best wrestlers, Masato Yoshino! And boy did things get turned up a notch with the Speed Star back in the mix. This was as slick an 11 minute TV match as you will EVER see, in any style of wrestling. Every was clicking 100%….. Tozawa was great in the underdog role, trying to hang with the higher status guys; Yoshino was great bringing the speed and sheer athleticism; and Doi and Shingo were awesome resuming their hard hitting strike battles from last week. We saw a bunch of the double teams that made DoiYoshi the best tag team in wrestling in 2008 and the crowd were eating it ALLLLL up. It came down to Tozawa and Yoshino, with the former taking everything the latter could dish out until he was put down by the MUTHA of all Lightning Spirals. This was the hot stuff right here.

2.Loser banishment “Real Hazard” match
Gamma vs. Yasushi Kanda

So as mentioned last time, RH have had some in-fighting problems mainly involving Kanda and Gamma. It was decided by YAMATO that shit needed settlin! So we get this banishment match. It was clipped down somewhat and mainly seemed to be alot of brawling with Gamma, for probably the first time ever, working like the good guy. Kanda tried a bunch of cheating but it didn’t pay off as Gamma hit a spear into a jacknife cradle for the flash pin.

Then came a sweet sweet angle. Gamma called RH into the ring to celebrate his win and help show Kanda the door. They were set to put the boots to him but who should hit the ring but Kenichiro Arai to make the save for his former friend Kanda. Gamma, as he is wont to do, took the mic and went to town, talking smack like a man possessed. He called for RH to attack once again, and they did, but they didn’t attack Kanda and Arai….. no no… THEY ATTACKED GAMMA!!! And out of nowhere, Kanda and Arai joined in the beat down! Gamma was out of RH despite winning and Arai, to everyone’s surprise, was in!

YAMATO took the mic and introduced everyone to the new Real Hazard, with him as the one true leader. The boys cracked open a cooler of beers and proceeded to drench the crowd, apart from one lady who had the sense to PUT UP HER UMBRELLA!!! Awwwwwesome.

3.Open the Triangle Gate Championships
BxB Hulk, Naoki Tanisaki & m.c.KZ. vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fuji & Magnitude Kishiwada ©

Ohhhhhhh this match. This match was absolutely great!!! My favourite Triangle Gate match in months and for sure my favourite match from the old dudes combo. On paper, this seemed like a whacky matchup with World-1’s two “weaker” guys involved, but in hindsight it was actually a PERFECT matchup. Tanisaki was as spunky and uppity as ever, and KZ was more than willing to die for us all. Luckily for him AND US, Mochi was happy to unleash said death and Killer Kish was in extra killer mode. The interaction between those four made this match, and BxB and Fujii were there to add in their skills to the mix. Fast paced the whole way, and no clipping meant we got a real feel for the match. The finishing stretch was KA-RAZAY and the finish was amongst the sickest you’ll see for a looooong time. You know Sara Del Rey’s axe kick? Picture that bad boy ON DA FACE! That’s what Mochi did to young KZ after he had the gall to stay alive after some of Mochi’s best shots. The nose removal axe kick was not to be kicked out of however.

****1/4 match

Best episode since the legendary Summer Tag League Finals in August. Two great matches and one awesome angle. Can’t ask for more from a 50 minute TV show.

Infinity #117 – 9/10

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