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DRAGON GATE Infinity 116!

Into a new year with Dragon Gate, and there are many stories at play.

-Naruki Doi is the new Open The Dream Gate Champion, ending the near 6 month reign of Shingo.

-CIMA was choked into retirement by the man quickly becoming the hottest Dragon Gate heel in several years, YAMATO.

-Long standing, all star babyface faction, Typhoon were forced to dispand. Where will the members end up?

-A new unit has formed, led by Shingo. Akira Tozawa and Taku Iwasa are the other members.

-Top heel unit Real Hazard have been having problems, with GAMMA and Kanda at the centre of things.

-The Twin Gate and Triangle Gate titles have gained much needed stability with the team of YAMAKong and the trio of Mochizuki, Fujii and Kishiwada both in the midst of dominant reigns.

With that we move onto the first Infinity of the year.


1. SHINGO, Taku Iwasa & Akira Tozawa vs. Naruki Doi, BxB Hulk & m.c.KZ.

Real good showcase match for the new, unamed unit. Shingo and Doi resumed where they left on in 2008, by beating the daylights out of each other. Tozawa continued to show that he’s got GAME now and really kept up at everyone elses level. He’s definitely one of the best things in DG right now. Iwasa got the win over KZ and called out Doi to give him a title shot. Doi was all like BRING IT BIOTCH! so we’re set with our first title match of the 09.

Post match, it was banner time! Tozawa pulled out a nice big scroll to reveal the name and colours of the new unit….. drumroll please……. KAMIKAZE! I like it.

Proceedings are then interrupted by the music of one Dragon Kid, formerly of Typhoon. Kid says “Yo Shingo, we were awesome in the Tag League, I want in baby!” or something to that effect and just like that the unit is now a foursome. Good times.

2.Genki Horiguchi, Cyber Kong & YAMATO vs. SHINGO & Dragon Kid & Anthony W. Mori

Anthony W. Mori, out on his own after the Typhoon split was assigned to team with two of the KAMIKAZE boys here in this outing against Real Hazard. A pre match video showed how on a recent show Anthony came to the aid of Super Shisa and Shisa Boy when Cyber Kong was about to eat them, demasking Kong and legging it away as fast as his Michael Jackson lookin ass could move. So Kong was out for blood in this trios match. Pretty good stuff here too, Shingo and Kid looked great and YAMATO was his usual awesome slimy prick self. Finish was a big surprise as Anthony avoided death by Kong, and managed to roll him up with the Elegant Magic for the flash win. Post match Kong was going to kill him until this time it was the Shisa’s saving Mori. They vowed to have each others back.

3.Ryo Saito vs. BxB Hulk

The final match of the BxB/Ryo series was just as hard hitting as prior encounters. Saito finally managed to get the victory, using his MESSENGER manouvre. Post match BxB offered Ryo a spot in World-1. He said he’d think about it.

Overall, a solid show to start the new year. Three fun matches that all set up current and future storylines nicely.

INFINITY #116 – 7.5/10

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