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UFC 94 Play By Play – Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn

After weeks and weeks of hype, the fight is finally here. We’ve done a lot of build up on our own to this fight over the last few days.

We previewed UFC 94 with MMA writers and hardcore fans.

We recapped all three of the UFC Primetime specials which documented the last few weeks of preparation for the fight.

Last night, we took a look back at their first fight which happened at UFC 58.

We’ll be back when the show starts with full play by play.

1. Clay Guida vs. Nate Diaz

Diaz was using his tremendous reach advantage to pepper Guida constantly. Guida looked out of sorts for the first two and a half minutes. Diaz was relentless. He wasn’t really hurting him badly, but it was obviously frustrating Guida. He couldn’t get inside. Diaz went for the shot and immediately dropped to his back. Guida did a great job with the wrestling staying on top of Diaz. Guida hit a big slam too and scored with elbows on the ground. It will be interesting to see how that round is scored. It was literally half Diaz’s round and half Guida’s round.

Heavy wrestling round for Guida, though Diaz had a great sweep near the end. Diaz was trying for the submission, though he wasn’t all that close.

Pretty good round. Diaz owned him again for the first half and I thought Guida was in a bit of trouble. Then, Guida was able to get a hold of him and kept him at bay for the rest of the round. This fight is all about how the judges are going to score the boxing versus the wrestling. Whatever they count more, will decide who won the first and third rounds.

Winner: Clay Guida by way of split decision

2. Dong Hyun Kim vs. Karo Parisyan

Kim sat on Parisyan’s back for a couple of minutes before Parisyan was able to dump him on his back in a near FU. Kim went for an arm bar that Parisyan wiggled out of and a triangle that he wiggled out of as well. Kim won the round. At one point, Kim was punching Parisyan right in the ear and he raised his hands to ask the crowd to cheer, and then hit him again.

Kim got the better position out of the gate again, but Parisyan nearly had a kimura. Pretty boring round overall. Parisyan’s mouthpiece fell out for the second time so he might be tired. Rogan tried to say that it was just a cheap mouthpiece. Parisyan ended the round in decent fashion with the strikes.

Another boring round. Parisyan almost got docked a point for kicking to the face when both guys were on their butts. It was pretty much a body lock against the cage kind of round. Parisyan did get a sweep near the end of the round. They can’t afford to have another fight like this on such a big night for them with all of the eye balls that are watching this show. Well, they can afford it. But it’s not going to win any new fans.

Winner: Karo Parisyan by way of split decision

I’m not sure how much that win helps him.

Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones

Jones is quick, strong, and athletic. He started quickly and was getting the better of the stand-up battle. He was throwing some nice reverse kicks, but Bonnar was slowing the pace down and keeping the distance close. And then Jones threw a wicked spinning back elbow that knocked Bonnar down. And he followed up with a wicked knee that snapped Bonnar’s head back. On the replay, it looked like the elbow was to the back of the head.

Jones didn’t fully dominate the round, but his athleticism is off the charts compared to Bonnar. Bonnar looked slow compared to him. He was able to front trip Bonnar and then take his back. He got double underhooks and flipped Bonnar over his head in a take down. And then he tried a trip to the back of Bonnar’s legs.

Another strong round for Jones, though he looked tired and Bonnar definitely did a better job. But Jones still had the flashier moves with another takedown and big knee.

Winner: Jon Jones by way of unanimous decision.

So far, all decisions. With the next fight, it doesn’t seem like the streak will be broken.

4. Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva

Machida played point karate with his knee and Silva’s balls. Machida knocked him down twice with left hands. His punches looked sharp. Right at the end of the round, he tripped Silva down and threw a left hand that knocked Silva out cold.

Winner: Lyoto Machida by way of 1st round TKO

Machida wanted to know if the fans wanted him to fight a shark. At least that’s what it sounded like. He really meant to ask the fans if he deserved a title shot.

On UFC’s poll, Penn has 53% of the vote. On our poll at the upper right of the page as I’m typing this, GSP has 65% of the vote, though with only about a million more votes.

5. B.J. Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre

St. Pierre spent a lot of the first half of the round trying to take Penn down. He pushed him up against the cage twice and grabbed his leg trying to go for a single leg. Penn was able to keep his balance by hopping on one foot. St. Pierre’s striking was much improved from the first fight. He was in and out and Penn wasn’t able to land that jackhammer right hand. It was still a close round, but St. Pierre probably wins it closely.

St. Pierre got the takedown early in the round and Penn immediately went into his guard, wrapping his leg around the back of St. Pierre’s head. St. Pierre’s strength was too much as he was able to muscle into the side control. He was hitting Penn with some brutal shots from that position. Penn looks very tired. Every time Penn got him back into his guard, he took another shot to the face. He wasn’t even really able to set up any sort of submission. He was just trying to survive. I’m not sure if you can win a 10-8 round on the ground when only advancing as far as side control, but if you can, this was it.

St. Pierre is simply a machine. He snapped Penn’s head back on the feet with jabs and then shot in again, muscling Penn to the ground. He dominated him on the ground. Penn got back up but was taken back down again and St. Pierre just continued to dominate him there.

Penn came out slowly out of his corner and GSP immediately took him down. He had him in the little brother position for nearly the entire arm, trapping his arm underneath his leg leaving Penn’s head exposed. He couldn’t defend himself and St. Pierre was scoring with punches and elbows. At the end of the round, St. Pierre was trying to stop him, raining down with punch after punch. It looked like it was going to get stopped by Penn was moving enough to where Herb Dean let it go.

They stopped the fight and it’s all over.

Winner: Georges St. Pierre by 4th round TKO

It looks like JD Penn stopped the fight.

They had Thiago Alves come into the cage and talk about a possible fight between the two. Then GSP missed the back flip.

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