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UFC 93: Franklin versus Henderson Play by Play

Chris Lytle versus Marcus Davis

Round 1 – Lytle opens up with 2 big rights that send Davis backpedaling. Davis recovers quickly and they begin to circle and paw at each other. Both guys seem a bit tentative and looking to counter. Landing a few random shots and kicks, but nowhere near the war they were both promising. The fight went down for about 2 seconds and then Davis backed off to stand it back up. Close round with neither guy having a clear advantage. I guess I’d give the round to Marcus Davis based on kicks and his takedowns/throwdowns of Lytle. The horse faced Edith is back as a ring girl.

Round 2 – Lytle comes out banging again and rocks Davis. Davis responds to Lytle’s body with kicks and Lytle drops and Davis tells him to get back up. Looks like Lytle is feeling the effects of the body shots. He’s slowing a bit, but still swinging for the fences when he does swing. Davis is getting the better of the exchanges. Both guys are landing single shots and trading a bit, but very few combos or real exchanges. Lytle looks tired. I’ll give round 2 to Davis.

Round 3 – This round opens with a Davis kick instead of a Lytle haymaker. Lytle is definitely feeling those kicks. Davis is slowly dismantling Lytle with jabs and kicks to the legs and midsection. Lytle needs a knockout to win this. They turn it up with 10 seconds left, Lytle is not able to put him down. These guys were promising a fight on par with Griffin vs. Bonnar. This fight didn’t deliver on that promise, but was entertaining nonetheless. I have it 30-27 for Davis, but possibly 29-28 with the first round to Lytle. 29-28 Davis, 29-28 Lytle, 29-28 Davis. Davis is your winner by split decision.

Denis Kang vs. Alan Belcher

Round 1 – Kang lands a couple straight shots and then takes Belcher down and lands in full guard. It’s a position game on the ground with no offense. Belcher gets back up. Another Kang takedown to Belcher’s guard. Belcher looking OK on the bottom. Kang looking for a kimura, but lets it go. Kang’s round.

Round 2 – Round 2 pretty much the same as round 1. Kang with a few shots and a takedown into Belcher’s guard and then a position game with little offense, but enough movement to prevent a stand up. Ref finally stands it up. Crowd is booing. Belcher pulls guard, catches a guillotine and Kang taps. Very unimpressive debut for Kang. Too bad. Belcher by round 2 submission with about 25 seconds left in the round.

Jeremy Horn versus Rousimar Palhares

Palhares is crying on his way to the ring. Horn is coming to the ring with an “aw shucks” grin.
Round 1 – Palhares takes Horn down almost immediately. No surprise there. He has Horn’s back and is landing shots to the head. Horn rolls to his back. Horn is getting tooled. Palhares going for a leg and Horn avoids and tried a triangle that Palhares gets out of. Horn to his feet briefly, but Palhares takes it back down. Good countering on the ground. Palhares’ round.

Round 2 – Slam by Palhares 15 seconds in. Palhares pounding Horn. Horn reverses and gets a mount on Palhares. Back to the feet. Palhares has hair like a gladiator helmet. That’s one of the lowest foreheads I’ve ever seen. Horn with some nice punches, misses a kick and gets taken down. Horn mounting better offense on the ground than he was previously. Horn looked better and had his moments, but I’d still give the round to Palhares.

Round 3 – Palhares suplex to open the round. Both guys looking for position on the ground. Pace is slowing considerably. Horn back up and quickly back down. Horn is talking to the announce team while he’s fighting. Ref stand up. High kick from Horn and Palhares gets a takedown. Another round for Palhares. I have it 30-27.

The judges have it 30-27 for Palhares. I’m not a ground game hater, but these 2 fights that have been on the ground have been a bit of a letdown. Palhares says he broke his hand in the first round.

Tom Egan versus John Hathaway

Egan is from Dublin.
Round 1 – Slam by Hathaway into side control. Egan back up. Another takedown by Hathaway. Egan up and back down. These guys are up and down more than a pogo stick. Hathaway delivering the most damage. For as fast paced as this match is there isn’t really much happening other than takedowns and stand ups. Hathaway landing some elbows and takes Egan’s back and is landing elbows. The ref stopped it. Hathaway by round 1 TKO.

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua versus Mark “The Hammer” Coleman

About 18 months since Shogun fought and 2 years for Coleman. 10 years since Coleman has fought in UFC. Rogan has some interesting comments on the lack of success of former Pride fighters, Chute Boxe fighters in particular. Coleman still looks good, although much smaller.

Round 1 – Coleman with an immediate takedown after taking a leg kick. Coleman with a big shot that Shogun felt. Shogun working a leg submission. Coleman out and on their feet. Coleman takes it back down. Shogun in side control. Back to the feet with Coleman taking leg kicks and looking tired. Hard shot from Shogun and Coleman is down but surviving. Coleman back up and survives the round. I give it to Shogun.

Round 2 – Coleman getting worked with kicks and takes Shogun down against the cage. Coleman trying to rest, but it’s not going to be enough. He’s very sluggish. Shogun teeing off and him. This is turning into a very one sided fight. Coleman back on top on the ground. Shogun up. And back down after landing 3 hard shots on Coleman. Shogun working a shoulder lock submission. Coleman hanging in and taking little shots while Shogun holds the position, but can’t close it. Shogun wins round 2.

In Coleman’s corner, Baroni, as usual, is dropping more f bombs than Dana White.
Round 3 – I predicted Shogun in round 2 so either Coleman is doing better or Shogun is doing worse than I thought. Probably the latter. Coleman gets on top and has Shogun against the fence. Coleman working elbows from the top. Shogun looking for Coleman’s leg. Coleman free and has his back. Coleman landing to the side of the head and seems to be finding some extra energy. Shogun throws a knee to Coleman head while Coleman is on the ground. The ref breaks. Looks like the shot was actually to the body. Shogun drops Coleman with an uppercut with about 20 seconds left and the ref stops it. Shitty stoppage, but Coleman was going to lose anyway. Shogun looked like crap against a guy that he should have been able to walk through.

Main event is up next.

Dan Henderson versus Rich Franklin

This fight is at 205 pounds.

Round 1 – Circling and kicks by each. Dan lands a nice shot. Steps in to follow up with a kick and slips. Franklin jumps on him, but Dan gets top position. Hendo landing with Franklin on the ground and pinned against the cage. Franklin trying to work to his feet. Henderson lands a knee or two and is controlling position. Both back up and separate. Franklin land a kick to the ribs and another. Franklin is finding a home for his kicks to the body. Henderson is stalking and looking for openings. Henderson lands a few shots and Franklin lands a few kicks. I’d give the round to Henderson. Franklin is cut high on the head from an accidental head butt.

Round 2 – Uneventful start to round 2. Franklin landing a few strikes and avoiding Dan. Henderson with a takedown into Rich’s guard. Hendo not doing much from the top. Not much to comment on in this round. I guess I give it to Henderson for control most of the round.

Round 3 – Faster pace to open this round. Trading some strikes and Henderson gets the takedown and top position. Franklin trying to stand. Rich gets Dan’s back and back to the feet. Clinching against the cage. Franklin more active. Henderson goes for a high kick and slips. Rich lets him up. A really bad eye poke to Franklin. They give Rich 2 minutes to recover. Franklin is pissed and just dropped an f bomb. They pick it back up with 37 seconds and trade a few strikes. I give Franklin that round. I see it as 29-28 for Henderson, but round 2 was really close. I wouldn’t be surprised by a split decision.

Winner will coach the next season of TUF.
29-28 Hendo, 30-27 Franklin, 29-28 Henderson. Henderson wins by split decision. I don’t know what fight the second judge was watching.

I’d give this show a thumbs down. Lackluster fights and a lack of any championship bouts just made the whole show feel flat. At no point in the show did I ever end up on the edge of the seat or feel a real sense of excitement. If you’re debating between this show and the one at the end of the month I’d say to hold off.

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5 comments on “UFC 93: Franklin versus Henderson Play by Play

  1. GG says:

    Dude, you are the man. I’m following your play by play on my mobile.

  2. GG says:

    Wow. Mike Coughlin called the Kang loss.

  3. GG says:

    Damn they really went up against the time limit with this card.

  4. Cactus Jim says:

    Definitely a long show. Unfortunately, not a real exciting one.

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