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The Contender Season 4 – Episode 7

This week we have the final two first round match ups. The gold team is up 4-2 thus far, winning four straight after having suffered back to back defeats at the start of the series.

The blue team is demoralized after yet another loss. The pressure is on Ryan and Mike to turn the ship around. Tommy Brooks teases John about letting his early lead slip.

Troy has to pick his spot in the second round. He discusses his options with Tommy, and then decides to go right after Felix. Felix was the first fighter to qualify, and since then everyone has dodged him. Troy said that he wanted to take on the toughest fighters right away. Now the only remaining spots in the final eight are both in the bottom bracket. This means that the two winners this week will have no other option but to fight against each other.

Its time to make this weeks fights. Rico steps up to pick his opponent first. He decides to face Mike. That leaves Tim and Ryan as the final match up.

This is Rico’s first fight at cruiserweight, but he has challenged for the world title at light heavyweight in the past, in a fight he lost to Clinton Woods in England. He is a father of three, with a forth child on the way. Mike knows he’s stepping up in standard against Rico, but is hoping to outwork him.

Rico Hoye (20-2) vs. Mike Alexander (12-2)
First round seemed pretty close. The two fighters looked to hit and move. Rico looked to be the more polished boxer, but Mike was able to make things awkward for him and land with some good shots.

Mike continues to make things difficult. He uses his jab well and seems to have taken Rico out of his game a little.

The third round is much better for Rico. He starts to open up more and outscores Mike.

Rico seems to have figured him out now. He is the aggressor throughout the round, and mike can’t seem to get his shots off. It probably all still rests on the final round.

Both guys are tired in the 5th. They clinch and slug in out at close range for the majority of the round. Rico seemed the more determined of the two, and was far more active particularly late in the round. He should have done enough to take it.
Winner:Rico Hoye – Unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 49-46)

Tim was thinking about retiring, but then he got the call to be on The Contender and couldn’t turn it down. At 41 he’s the oldest boxer on the show. He looks at the success of older fighters such as Foreman and Hopkins as inspiration to keep going.

Ryan is the youngest fighter on the show. He played football in college, but an injury cut his career short. However, another door opened up for him in boxing.

Tim Flamos (20-4-1) vs. Ryan Coyne (9-0)
Tim is as tough as hell. He wants a brawl here, and tries press Ryan against the ropes. Ryan is comfortable controlling the action at a distance. He also landed a big uppercut on the inside which rocked Tim.

Second round is more the scrappy fight Tim wants. The two clash heads and Ryan comes out of it with a bad cut.

Ryan is showing his inexperience here. He still engages Tim in brawls when he could make this a lot easier for himself (and protect his cut) by boxing. He still got the better of this round though.

Ryan started out using his jab at the start of the round, but abandoned it again soon after. Tim’s work rate may have been enough to take what was a sloppy round.

Tim bulled forward and just pounded Ryan’s body at every opportunity. It looked like he may have been beginning to break him as the round wore on. Tim showed some serious guts throughout this fight. The guy is like Rocky Balboa.

Winner: Ryan Coyne – Split decision (49-46 Ryan, 48-47 Tim, 48-47 Ryan)

At the end of the first round match ups its 5-3 to the gold team.

It’s sad to see Tim go out after a performance like that. Danza told him in the dressing room that he didn’t let anybody down. Tim said it was good to know that he could still compete with guys 15 years younger than him. At the moment he hasn’t decided what his future is in boxing.

Quarter Finals:
Felix vs. Troy
Alfredo vs. AK
Deon vs. Hino
Ryan vs. Rico

2 comments on “The Contender Season 4 – Episode 7

  1. GG says:

    Who’s your pick?

  2. Duan says:

    I was actually going to do some predictions for all the next round matches in this post, but its really hard to get a good idea of what each guy is like from a few short rounds of boxing, which are heavily edited. And also because you don’t really know what standard their first round opponents were at.

    But if i had to pick, i think the winner of the Felix vs. Troy fight will win the whole thing. I was impressed by Felix’s performance, and see him as the favourite, but because Troy knocked his opponent out so quickly, its really hard to make any judgment on him at this stage.

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