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Raw Thoughts – Stand Back!

Yesterday, I put up a new poll (which is on the right hand side of this post) and asked people to vote on whether or not Stone Cold Steve Austin would wrestle at Wrestlemania 25. I’m actually attending the big show for the first time in my life and I was a bit disappointed in where it looked like the show was going. Last year had Pretty Boy Floyd aka Money Mayweather and the year before had the Donald Trump vs. Vince McMahon hair match. There was a lot of interest. And this year, there didn’t look to be the same interest. However, if this Randy Orton angle with Vince McMahon leads to Stone Cold Steve Austin coming back and wrestling his retirement match, I’ll be a happy man. At the very least, Austin is in the Hall Of Fame and that should be awesome.

Last night’s Raw was a really good push for the top storylines with two really good segments. I don’t think that the Shawn Michaels/JBL angle is any more easy to understand or to explain after the promo with John Cena, Michaels, and JBL and if my kids ask me this weekend why Shawn Michaels is a bad guy, I don’t think I’ll be able to logically tell them why, but still, that was some good stuff. Cena’s promo was a bit over the top, but it worked because JBL and Michaels were so humble and matter of fact. Though the interest is completely in what HBK will do at the Rumble and not in the match itself, it’s very intriguing. I’m going to be watching where his right leg is the entire match, waiting for him to give Cena that sweet chin music.

Though I’m not much into watching matches on any wrestling TV show these days because they mean nothing, William Regal actually made me interested to watch CM Punk, which is hard to do since I don’t really like Punk at all. But Regal did it. I hope their program continues because they have a good dynamic in that they are completely different in their style of work and personality and it works.

I actually enjoyed the Cody Rhodes/Goldust angle even though it was just an angle to push the new Starrcade DVD, which is just ok by the way. The documentary is very disappointing, but there are some really good matches on it. There was definitely some truth to their promo with Cody saying that he’s not going to be like Dustin and ruin his future. Dustin was pushed so hard in the early 90s and became annoying, but he was still very good in the ring. Going to WWE made him a star, but it also made him a joke of a character at times. I don’t know what his demons are/were, but every couple of years or so he gets to come back as Goldust, so you can’t actually say it was a bad career move. But I liked the reality in that angle.

Finally, the Vince/Randy O stuff is must see. You hear all of these stories about how Orton is such a dickhead in real life and screws up and should already be fired from WWE because of how many strikes he has. But I wonder if he simply has to be that way to be the way he is on TV. He’s the single greatest performer they have right now in my opinion. He’s the closest thing they have to what Jake The Snake Roberts would’ve been had he been a main eventer on WWE TV in the 80s. But he’s better because he has the look and can work with all of the top guys. What if he was a straight laced guy without edge though? Could he be this good? I’m not so sure.

Just watch this segment with his reaction to punting Vince McMahon in the head.

Click to see Randy kick Vince.

Last night’s show was definitely a thumbs up and now I’m looking very much forward to the Royal Rumble this weekend.

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