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UFC – The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Finale Play By Play

I blogged all the episodes of TUF Season 8 and if you want to go back to see how we got here, you can do so here.

Junie Browning and David Kaplan will open up the show. If you remember, when Kaplan fought Phillipe Nover, Browning told Nover what his teammate Kaplan could and couldn’t do. Kaplan was also one of the crazier guys in the house (though not nearly as crazy as Browning) who allowed Tom Lawlor to punch him right on the chin to test it.

1. Junie Browning vs. David Kaplan

Mike Goldberg said that you either love or hate Junie Browning. I haven’t heard anyone who loved him.

Browning comes out to Eminem. I didn’t notice how similar they look until now.

Browning’s first kick hit Kaplan right in the genitals. Browning is picking Kaplan apart. Kaplan is doing a good job of blocking Browning’s punches with his face. Browning looks really good. Browning went down from a slip and Kaplan went for his leg, but Browning got out and transitioned into a rear naked choke, but Kaplan got out of it. Kaplan’s face is already bloody. Browning almost got another rear naked choke in there, but Kaplan got out of it again. Great round for Browning.

Browning took Kaplan down and worked to get side control. Once he did, he set Kaplan up for an armbar and sunk it deep immediately.

Winner: Junie Browning by way of 2nd round submission

He apologized for being a dick on the show and to Frank Mir.

2. Eliot Marshall vs. Jules Bruchez

Marshall came out throwing and Bruchez had to back peddle. He got the takedown and immediately went into side control and then got the mount. Bruchez turned over and Marshall sunk in a rear naked choke. Bruchez fought it for about thirty seconds before having to tap. Marshall dominated him.

Winner: Eliot Marshall by way of 1st round submission

3. Jason MacDonald vs. Wilson Gouveia

Gouveia missed weight by four pounds. He must not have been in the same training camp as Oscar De La Hoya. He also has to give up 20% of his purse.

It was a bit of a stalemate early on, but Gouveia threw a right hand that stunned him and a left hand that put him down. He threw hammer fists and elbows before the referee stopped it. MacDonald was busted open.

Winner: Wilson Gouveia by way of 1st round TKO

4. Kevin Burns vs. Anthony Johnson

If you remember, their first fight ended after Burns poked Johnson in the eye. The referee thought it was a punch and called it a win for Burns. This is the rematch.

Really good first round. They both landed some shots before Johnson decided to take him down. Johnson seems to be the better technical striker and Burns plays the slugger role more so. Burns caught Johnson in a triangle from the bottom, but Johnson got out of it.

The entire round was spent with Johnson on top of Burns. Burns was trying for submissions from the bottom, but wouldn’t let Johnson out of his guard. Johnson reigned in as much as he could with punches to the body and elbows, but never passed.

As soon as Joe Rogan tells us for the second time that Johnson has been training with Cung Le, Johnson throws lighting quick head kick right as Burns was going to throw a left hook and Burns was out cold. Game over.

Winner: Anthony Johnson by way of 3rd round TKO

5. Ryan Bader vs. Vinicius Malgahaes

Did he have to go with Vinicius? Was Vinnie not worthy? How about Vince or Vincent?

They had a bit of a feeling out process. Vinnie’s stand up looked improved. Bader threw a kick and slipped and Vinnie tried to pounce on him as it was his shot to get him down on the ground. Back up, Bader unloaded with a right hand that Malgahaes partially blocked but still clipped him on the temple and he went down. Bader followed up with shots on the ground and it was over.

Winner: Ryan Bader by way of 1st round TKO

6. Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Shane Primm

Krzysztof needs to get a nickname or something. Fairly boring round, thoough Soszynski (that’s easier to write) had a kimura, but couldn’t straighten it.

In the second round, he finally sunk in the kimura and Primm tapped and looked to be really hurt.

Winner: Krzysztof Soszynski by way of 2nd round submission

Soszynski says he popped the shoulder, but had to not let go until the referee stopped the fight.

7. Efrain Escudero vs. Phillipe Nover

Escudero got an early takedown and when Nover was getting up, he got popped. Escudero got his back early, but didn’t get a true attempt at a choke. Escudero popped Nover a few times when he was on the bottom. He got another takedown and after Nover kicked him off, he threw a huge punch that landed while Nover was on the ground.

Nover tried to land some punches, but Escudero took him down again. Escudero’s wrestling is just too strong. He took him down at least three more times and one right at the end of the round after Nover threw a nice body kick. Escudero has the first two rounds.

Nover’s best round. He looked to be trying an omoplata but couldn’t get it. Escudero spent time on his back near the end of the round, just trying to outlast Nover.

Winner: Efrain Escudero by way of unanimous decision

All three judges had it 2-1. Big Nog picked him up.

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