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The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir – Episode 11

The first fight is Ryan Bader vs. Eliot Marshall.

Big Nog says that he thinks Bader is going to win the season and also be a champion some day.

Eliot admits that Bader is probably the favorite to win the show. Frank Mir says Bader won’t take him down because Eliot is a jiu-jitsu black belt.

Bader says he controls where the fight goes. Eliot says he just gets to control where he gets to lose.

Eliot Marshall vs. Ryan Bader

Eliot is so lanky. But he’s also decently built. About half way through the round, Bader took Marshall down and they just stayed there for the rest of the round. Marshall didn’t try to pull anything off from the bottom. And Bader just threw some punches, but nothing happened.

Marshall tried to throw a kick and got taken down again. The ref finally stood them up after about 3 minutes on the ground and then Bader just took him right back down again. I guess Mir was wrong. Pretty boring fight so far.

Bader was on top again and Eliot looked to try to pull off a leg lock of some sort, but Bader grabbed the cage and Mir was livid. They were stood back up, but Bader took him down again. Eliot tried to grab his arm, but Bader just picked him up and took him closer to the cage. Mir wanted them stood back up and was yelling at the ref. They got back up, Eliot threw a weak kick and went down again.

Winner: Ryan Bader by way of unanimous decision

Bader moves on to the show next weekend. Mir said that Bader is just a wrestler and gave him a backhanded compliment by saying he gives him props for winning with such a one dimensional style.

George Roop and Phillipe Nover are next. Based on the time left in the show, this thing isn’t going the distance.

Mir says you can’t count out Roop. Nover says he’s going to knock him out. Roop says he doesn’t think Nover can knock him out. Roop does have a few inches on him, but their reach is the same.

George Roop vs. Phillipe Nover

Nover came out immediately and threw two big right hands and then got the takedown, but it might’ve just been Roop falling backwards and going with it. Roop turned him over but to no avail. Nover worked the kimura from his back and Roop tapped.

Winner: Phillipe Nover by 1st round submission

This kid looks awesome. If Efrain beats Junie, that might be the fight of the night come next weekend.

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