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HBO: De La Hoya/Pacquiao 24/7 – Episode 4

Before we get to the last episode, I wanted to point out HBO’s YouTube page. There’s a lot of build up for the fight on the page including this goofy one below where Oscar runs with Mario Lopez, aka AC Slater. I like that Ring track jacket.

A few days before the fight and Pacquiao is only at 141 pounds. Oscar is at around 147.

De La Hoya says that he feels it and the memories are coming back from his early career training in Big Bear. He says boxing is his passion. Millie, his wife, says that at first, he was tired of boxing and now he’s in love with it again. She says that she doesn’t fight it anymore.

Oscar had a statue dedicated to him outside of the Staples Center right next to the statue of Magic Johnson and Wayne Gretzky.

Both guys show up at the same running track in Las Vegas, just minutes apart. Manny smiles and Freddie Roach tries to joke with Oscar, who poker faces him. Freddie says he must be scared.

Manny and his wife are sharing a room together which hasn’t been the case in the last seven weeks. She’s been his silent support.

Freddie says that maybe Oscar’s too big, and sometimes he doubts the fight, but whenever he visualizes the outcome, he always sees Manny winning.

Angelo Dundee says everything is working good for Oscar. He says he gave him all the information necessary and he’s ready to fight.

Oscar says you haven’t been on the big stage unless you fight Oscar.

Most of the focus of this episode was probably what the 24/7 series should’ve been all along. People are doubting Oscar and he’s trying to prove that he still has it. The hungry lion is in his way and ready to take everything that comes with beating the bigger De La Hoya.

We’ll find out in two days.

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