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HBO: De La Hoya/Pacquiao 24/7 – Episode 3

Marky Mark, aka Mark Wahlberg came to see Pacquiao train. Maybe Mark should put some gloves on. He’s portraying Mickey Ward in a movie.

Freddie Roach is worried about the fight because it’s the biggest one he’s been apart of. Um, I don’t think anything is bigger than last year’s De La Hoya vs. Mayweather. Roach gets his hair cut at a salon. Hey, me too. The guy who owns the salon says, “Fuck Oscar De La Hoya.” And it’s a pretty nice haircut too.

Pacquiao runs with his dog but the dog isn’t on a leash so it runs in front of cars. Pacquaio doesn’t seem to care.

Pacquiao and his wife are doing karaoke. They are one.

Bernard Hopkins comes to the gym to support Oscar. Bernard says people are counting Oscar out, just like they counted him out before he beat Kelly Pavlik.

Oscar says at this point in his career, he’s so hungry for the knockout and he promises a knockout for the fight.

Pacquiao passes out 500 turkeys in Philipinotown which is a few miles outside of LA and is where the most Filipinos live in Southern California.

Manny is doing an eating contest to mess with the guys who are trying to lose weight and win the weight contest he set up last week.

Oscar’s uncle says that Joel De La Hoya had all the talent, but he didn’t have the heart and he was a chicken. Chicken De La Hoya?

Oscar says he can’t wait to test out his conditioning after training all that time in the high altitude. He weighed in at 147.9 pounds which is where he wanted to be so he’s able to eat turkey dinner.

It’s only six days until the fight.

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