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HBO Boxing – Wladimir Klitschko vs. Hasim Rahman Play By Play


This fight is in Germany where it seems the Klitschko brothers fight all of their fights.

Lennox Lewis says Rahman has a fat chance to duplicate the efforts of when he upset Lewis himself many years ago.

Rahman changed trainers earlier this week according to Bad Left Hook. James “Buddy” McGirt is now his trainer.

1st Round
Rahman is crouched down a bit and trying to sneak his jab in. Klitschko is standing really tall and throwing the jab and the left hook. He landed a really nice right hand that staggered Rahman slightly. Rahman looks pretty confused in there already. For some reason, he’s holding his hands low after he throws a punch and that’s exactly what Klitschko wants to be able to land the left hook.

2nd Round
It was a sloppy round. They held and clinched a lot. Klitschko landed the best shot, which was another straight right hand. Rahman landed a short left hook, but didn’t have much on it.

3rd Round
Klitschko had Rahman up against the ropes and was measuring Rahman with his jab to set up his right hand. Slow and plodding, but dominating round by Klitschko. Rahman wasn’t throwing any punches.

4th Round
Another fairly easy round for Klitschko. Rahman upped his activity in the round, but it just made Klitschko take him more seriously. Rahman looks to be severely tired.

5th Round
Lennox Lewis just said that he knocked Rahman out at his best in the 4th round. And it’s already the 5th with Rahman at his worst. I think he’s trying to say that he’s better than Klitschko. But then again, Lewis lost to Rahman too. Another easy round for Klitschko. He’s moving really well, but Rahman seems like a sitting duck. But he’s still pitching a shutout.

6th Round
Rahman went down from three left hooks in a row as he was trying to retreat. For the rest of the round, he sat against the ropes and took a lot of punches. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him stay on the seat and not come out.

7th Round
Klitschko backed him up with a big shot and Rahman went on retreat. In the corner, Klitschko started to wail on him and the referee stopped the right.

Winner: Wladimir Klitschko by way of 7th round TKO

A pretty boring mismatch of a fight, but that was expected going in.

Photo of Wladimir Klitschko from Wikipedia

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