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WWE 2008 Survivor Series – The Aftermath

This year’s Survivor Series was not a well received show. I actually thought it was ok, but my FGB brothers hated it.

Let’s get to the feedback.

Big D

Show overall rating: Thumbs down

Best Match: Team Batista vs. Team Orton
Worst Fight: RAW Divas vs. SMACKDOWN Divas

Overall, the show was definitely NOT worth 40 or 50 dollars and is nowhere near as epic as it should’ve been considering it was Survivor Series, WWE’s second oldest PPV tradition. You saw some decent wrestling and there were virtually ZERO backstage vignettes and one or two promos here and there, but mainly lots of in-ring action. The issue is, one great, awesome moment was not enough to warrant a purchase that big in these economic times. Honestly, the PPV was BORING for the most part…



Show overall rating: Thumbs down

Best Match: Team Batista vs. Team Orton
Worst Fight: Koslov vs. HHH

This was a bad show. I thought the Cena match was really disappointing, especially considering the build it got. The Divas match was just fairly ridiculous, and HHH vs. Koslov was nothing short of awful. The Undertaker vs. Big Show casket match just didn’t work at all. A very poor ending to that rivalry.

The only real saving grace was the Team Batista vs. Team Orton Survivor Series match, and that was still far from unmissable. Even with the two big title changes, I can’t recommend this show. Certainly one of WWE’s weaker efforts this year.


Show overall rating: Thumbs up (slightly)

Best Match: Team Batista vs. Team Orton
Worst Fight: RAW Divas vs. SMACKDOWN Divas

I didn’t hate the show like D and Duan. I thought that the two Survivor Series matches not featuring women were both pretty good. And usually, even though I always want to see them, the elimination matches usually leave me frustrated because they’re so frenetic and many of the pins happen out of nowhere. But I liked these. While Taker vs. Show was pretty boring, I did like the different finish even if it was a bit hokey. HHH vs. Koslov was terrible, but at least we got the Edge comeback. However, how we reached the Edge comeback was really sleazy. By saying that Hardy was out of it in his hotel room was just way to stupid considering all the wrestlers who have been found dead in their hotel rooms. Would it have been so hard to lay Hardy out before the show started without knowing who it was? As it is, I enjoyed Cena vs. Jericho for what it was. I thought Jericho was brilliant in the way he used psychology to get the heat on Cena for the entire match. All of it made sense considering it has been pushed down our throats that Cena had neck surgery. Even though Cena seemed apprehensive, they played into that too. I loved the Jericho liontamer as well.

I do think that it was overkill with both Cena and Edge winning on the same show. I think you’d get more impact with Edge doing the run in next month, but oh well.

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