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Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling – Episode 5

Trishelle is the only girl left and she says that she has to do well to stick around.

I keep spelling Knobs name wrong. I spell it Knobbs. Oh well.

Eric Bischoff calls out Dennis Rodman and for some reason, Rodman says that it’s a man’s sport and calls out Trishelle. I think that was a worked line.

They’re joining the teams together since Team Nasty only has 2 competitors left. They’re doing a battle royal for the main event.

Their first move of the show is to learn how to go over the top and the duck and boost, which is ducking a clothesline and boosting the guy who is running towards you over the top rope. Todd skinned his nuts on the top rope going over. He said it was his “special purpose” that got hurt. Butterbean went over and it wasn’t a nice fall.

Dustin didn’t want to do the duck and boost because his shoulder was hurting. Dennis threw one of the trainers out and he landed on his hand and had to go to the doctor.

Trishelle threw Dustin over and hurt his shoulder again. She thinks he’s faking. Butterbean says he’s a wimp.

Bonaduce finally shows up.

RVD shows up and Knobs calls him one of the greatest finishers in the business.

Hogan says your finisher needs to match your persona and you can work your whole match around the finishing moves. They’re going to learn finishers. They haven’t even taken a body slam yet.

RVD hits the 5 star frog splash on Knobs.

Bonaduce tries to impress RVD and goes over the top and bangs his back on the apron. They take him away in an ambulance.

Rodman’s clothesline off the top worked according to RVD. Butterbean uses a big power slam that RVD shows him how to accentuate. Trishelle is using a submission hold. Todd’s cartwheel into an elbow isn’t a finisher according to RVD. He wants Todd to come off the top with a sunset flip. Dustin is using a DDT for his.

Trishelle doesn’t want to work with Dennis because Dennis hurts people. Todd says it’s a difficult experience with five newbies in the ring at the same time.

They are all now Team Hogan.

It’s Royal Rumble rules. Dustin and Todd are starting out. Dustin tried to throw out Todd and Todd almost skinned the cat. He kind of cheated. Trishelle is in next. Rodzilla, from parts unknown, is in next. Rodman just booted Trishelle in the gut. Butterbean is in next. They all quadruple team Butterbean. They finally throw him out. Todd hits the sunset flip over the top rope on Dustin and pinned him. Trishelle went off the top rope with a double axe handle and pretended as if she hurt her knee. It was clumsy but it worked. She tricked me. She then dumped out both Todd and Rodman to win the match.

Hogan says Trishelle excelled at the physicalities. He said she worked with Rodman especially well. Bischoff says he’s not seeing much new out of Dustin and he’s plateaued. Jimmy says Butterbean needs to be able to take his own bump to the floor and it didn’t look impressive. I think they have to kick Butterbean out. Trishelle has outworked him two shows in a row. Hogan kicked out Danny Bonaduce and called him a jabroni. That was a bit harsh.

Next week, they do some hardcore wrestling. Danny comes back and somehow is able to work. Goldberg shows up as well.

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