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Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling – Episode 4

Dustin says that Erin should’ve stayed and Nikki should’ve been eliminated. That’s kind of how it looked.

Bischoff meets the remaining 7 in the ring. Bischoff asks Todd who his favorite wrestlers were. Todd says Peter Maivia and the Great Mephisto were his favorite wrestlers. Dustin says the right answer and says Hogan and the Undertaker. Bischoff says all of those wrestlers were able to cut a promo. Can’t say I’ve seen a Great Mephisto promo before.

A different Todd who is actually the ring announcer is going to teach the crew how to cut a promo. He cuts a Hogan promo in front of the seven. It was a B minus Hogan promo. Todd cuts a nice promo on Nikki, but she couldn’t say anything back. Rodzilla choked the chicken on his promo. Rodzilla steals some of Hogan’s lines and the other Todd likes it. Dustin cuts a promo on Bonaduce’s character and Bonaduce gets personal with Dustin and touches him. Dustin slaps him in the face. I don’t think that was fake. But it’s not like Dustin slapped him very hard.

They are learning the hip toss, hitting the turn buckle, and the elbow smash. Dusty Rhodes should teach that one.

Nikki won’t do the hip toss. She’s a bit scared now and walks out of practice.

Trishelle is having issues taking the hip toss. Bonaduce can’t take it either. He takes one on his back and gets hurt.

Brian Knobbs has had it with Nikki. She’s lacking confidence in herself. Screech says if she doesn’t do the work, they may keep her because they don’t know what she can do and send Screech or Dennis away. She says they should try to get Erin back.

The Hulkster has a talk with Nikki and he tells her she deserves to be there.

Bonaduce’s back feels better but his team has already put most of the match together. Todd has even put a cartwheel into the match. Todd is 43 years old. Unbelievable.

Hulk and Dustin work with Erin. He sent Knobbs and Dennis away for some reason. She’s picking it up pretty quickly. It’s the magic of the Hulkster.

Butterbean and Trishelle cut the first promo. Trishelle was awesome.

Todd and Bonaduce went through their promos too quickly.

Todd and Danny are working pretty creatively. Danny kissed her. I think she vomited. Danny even takes top turn buckles with his arm to his side. Trishelle is surprisingly good. Butterbean, for the actual pro wrestling matches he’s actually done, is pretty bad. Trishelle and Danny do the Warrior/Hogan double clothesline spot. Todd hits the cartwheel elbow which Bubba calls the “backwards handspring elbow”. He didn’t actually back flip. Butterbean hits a big splash on Todd for the win. That was fairly entertaining.

Nikki and Dustin are facing Rodzilla in a handicapped match. Dustin’s promo was pretty bad. Nikki had one good line.

Rodzilla had the veins popping out of his neck like Randy Savage, but that was it. He didn’t really say much.

They are having a bad match. Just terrible. Rodman hip tossed both and they got about 2 inches off the ground. Rodman takes a bunch of elbow drops and then Nikki missed a double axe handle from the top rope and instead hit Dustin. Rodzilla went to the top and hit the flying clothesline for the win.

It was quite obvious that Team Beefcake had the better match. Hogan says that no one is safe and everyone has to stay in the ring and could get eliminated.

Bischoff says that Butterbean has a long way to go. But he’s safe. He was the worst guy on his team by far.

Jimmy Hart says that Bonaduce is going to get injured if he’s not careful but he’s safe tonight.

Hogan doesn’t have criticism for my man Todd and says that he’s safe.

Bischoff tells Rodman he’s safe and Jimmy tells Dustin the same. Nikki and Trishelle are the two left in the ring. It should be Nikki and Butterbean.

Hulk says that something’s not clicking with Trishelle and that Nikki sometimes has it and sometimes doesn’t. He finally kicks out Nikki. She’s a jabroni.

RVD is on the next show and it looks like Dustin and Danny get hurt.

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