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HBO: De La Hoya/Pacquiao 24/7 – Episode 1

It’s the biggest money fight of the year and HBO is pushing the fight with the 24/7 specials which were a huge reason as to why De La Hoya/Mayweather did 2.4 million pay per view buys. Without the Mayweather’s I’m not sure this special can be as interesting, but HBO is so great with their productions, they could have something up their sleeve.

De La Hoya is running in Big Bear with a “Ring” jacket.

He says Big Bear makes him feel at home and re-engergizes him. It pumps him up.

Pacquiao says it’s the biggest moment in his boxing career. Freddie Roach says he’s ferocious. Roach trained De La Hoya for the Mayweather fight last year. De La Hoya says that Roach came into the fight with the wrong game plan. Roach says he lost because of a reason, but he’s not telling. He’s going to use it against him.

De La Hoya looks to be using some football training for his sprint work. He’s also doing electrostimulation which sends an electrical charge from his shoulder to hand. It moves the blood and energy around to find blockages.

Eleven of Pacquiao’s team members live in a two bedroom condo. They live to serve him and follow him everywhere. Roach says that Manny is special to him and he’s a product of the best work he’s ever done.
Roach says Pacquiao will over train if you let him. Pac says that if you train hard, the fight will be easy.

Ignacio Beristain is De La Hoya’s trainer and he says you can’t digest failure. He’s known simply as Nacho. He’s De La Hoya’s second choice since Floyd Mayweather Sr. chose to train Ricky Hatton instead. Oscar’s brother Joel says it’s a blessing in disguise because Mayweather wouldn’t have taught him anything different. Daniel Zaragoza was Nacho’s first world champion and he’s his right hand man now. They both trained Juan Manuel Marquez for Pacquiao and the first fight was a draw while the second was a split decision for Pacquiao. Angelo Dundee is also going to help De La Hoya as an advisor.

Jinkee Pacquiao says she left her children in the Philippines to be with Manny. They’re living in separate apartments and she visits him once every evening. They show Manny singing karaoke. He doesn’t really engage her.

A Filipino family drove from Salinas to LA just to meet Pacquiao because he inspires them. He’s the people’s champ. He’s the most famous man in his country.

Dundee says that Oscar has talent he doesn’t know he has. He says to do everything first, meaning beat Pacquiao to the punch. Dundee says the weight and height don’t matter. What will determine the fight is that Oscar’s a better fighter.

Roach says when he gets a hotel before the fight, he gets his own room, but Manny stays with 10 people because that’s what he likes. It’s part of the Filipino culture. Roach says he took the fight because he knows Oscar and said he told Manny that if Manny loses, he doesn’t have to pay him.

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