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HBO Boxing: Ricky Hatton vs. Paulie Malignaggi Play By Play

In the fight before the main event, James Kirkland beat up Brian Vera for 8 rounds before the referee stopped the fight. Vera looked terrible except he could take everything Kirkland was giving him. Vera threw one punch, a lead right, and didn’t even really throw anything else. He would even drop his left hand every time he was going to throw a right. It was just an awkward fight. He had zero balance. Kirkland looked good, but he let Vera hit him enough to puff up his right eye.

Hatton is coming out in a fat suit and to his own theme song.

Ricky Hatton vs. Paulie Malignaggi

Round 1
Malignaggi looks a bit like Macho Camacho in his trunks. Malignaggi stays low and continues to get caught underneath Hatton’s arm, which is causing breaks. Hatton’s trunks are so long that they’re nearly capris. Malignaggi was quick and in and out, and probably eked out the round, but not much happened.

Round 2
Hatton’s chasing him and getting caught throwing a lunging right. Malignaggi is moving to his left and following it up with a left hook. Hatton stung him with a right hand and the only thing that held him up was Hatton. Malignaggi got in a shot of his own, but Hatton got the better of the exchange. Hatton stole that round at the end.

Round 3
Malignaggi is still elusive, but Hatton’s head movement is much better this round. Hatton is doing a lot of damage to the body in the clinch. He threw a left hook that landed as well.

Round 4
Malignaggi is really eating the right hand. He’s not really getting off before Hatton gets inside and then Malignaggi just has to hold on until the break.

Round 5
Malignaggi was doing much better early in the round, but Hatton controlled the second half of the round. The way it stands, Hatton is on his way to a lopsided decision. I figured Malignaggi would put on his best Pernell Whitaker impersonation, but he’s either not quick enough or doesn’t have him figured out.

Round 6
Hatton came right out of the stool with a left hook. Malignaggi again had a good first half of the round, but Hatton picked it up near the end. If Malignaggi was able to steal a round, it was that one, but I’d probably still score it for Hatton.

Round 7
Great early round for Hatton. He’s really throwing that left hook with knockout intentions. Malignaggi doesn’t look like he can hurt Hatton at all. Hatton is walking through most of his punches just to be able to throw his big left. Great round for Hatton.

Round 8
Malignaggi threw his best right hand in the fight to start the round. Hatton threw a flush jab and followed up with an uppercut. I thought Malignaggi was going down, but he stayed up.

Round 9
Hatton ripped him with another left hook that knocked Malignaggi backward and Malignaggi just stuck his tongue at Hatton. Hatton threw a vicious left uppercut that landed. Hatton is too fast, too big, too strong.

Round 10
Malignaggi is doing more holding than anything else. Hatton comes in, Malignaggi throws a weak left, he holds, Hatton digs. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Round 11
Before the round, trainer Buddy McGirt told Malignaggi that he had to start punching or he’d throw in the towel. Malignaggi didn’t really do so and McGirt stopped it.

Winner: Ricky Hatton by 11th round TKO

Hatton looked good, but Malignaggi looked terrible.

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2 thoughts on “HBO Boxing: Ricky Hatton vs. Paulie Malignaggi Play By Play

  1. Good commentary, horrible one sided fights. Episode 2 of the De La Hoya / Pacquiao 24/7 was good. Let’s hope that fight is more competitive.

  2. I have to watch that De La Hoya/Pac 24/7. For some reason, I don’t think my DVR recorded it.

    I think it will definitely be more competitive.

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