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Well haven’t done one of these in a while so I figured I should step up. Some random thoughts on old stuff I’ve watched recently.


Kobashi & Misawa vs. Hansen & BIG BOSS MAN (?)

Boss Man in All Japan!!! Weirdness, but greatness. He immediately gets the crowd into him by busting out a bunch of crazy athletic stuff with Kobashi. Yes Big Boss Man doing a bunch of crazy athletic stuff. IT RULED~! Misawa tries his hand with the former Midnight Express bodyguard and gets met with a sweet backbreaker. All his signature stuff like the slide to the outside into the uppercut and the windup punch gets met with a load of OOOH’s and AHHHH’s. Stan Hansen, not to be outdone, goes nuts on Kobashi, DDT’ing him on the floor, throwing a chair at his face and then hitting the sickest kneedrop you’ve ever seen (with knee pad rolled down I might add). Both gaijin then win my heart forever by taking turns droppin’ PHAT ASS ELBOWS. Finish came with Boss Man making the crucial mistake of going for a top rope splash and getting a moonsault from Kobashi and Frog Splash from Misawa for the Uno-Dos-Tres.

IWA Japan 1995 2nd Anniversary

So I haven’t seen much mid 90’s garbage wrestling from Japan in my time, but upon being directed to a bunch of stuff from someone who knows good wrestling, I decided to check it out. What I got was the greasiest, sleaziest, most scummy pro wrestling I’ve ever seen. AND IT WAS AWWWWESOME!

Cactus Jack vs. Tarzan Goto

Cactus was so the fucking man here. He cut a promo at the end, slapping himself and screaming and such and it was gold. So much heinousness in this match – bottle breaking, bottle STABBING, a giant flip bump from the top to the floor, etc. etc. I liked that Tarzan Goto guy too and man was that lad over. I’d only ever heard his name before, but never seen him. They did a bunch of hot nearfalls which I really wasn’t expecting including one from the ugliest/greatest brainbuster I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Goto won with DDP’s old pancake move onto a chair.

(No Rope Barbed Wire, Barbed Wire Boards & Thumbtacks Death Match)
Kenji Takano vs. Shoji Nakamaki

I don’t know which guy is which so I’ll just go with “little guy” and “big guy”. The little guy was insane and WILLING to die for his cause. The big guy was more than happy to help him out by killing the hell out of him. There’s a fine line for me between cool deathmatch stuff and grotesque, “I don’t wanna watch that” deathmatch stuff. These guys went right up to said line but never crossed it which made it very enjoyable. Everything meant something within the context of the match (even the face first thumbtack bump). Big guy won with a big guy knee drop.

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  1. Wait, Bossman in All Japan in 93? Was he out of WWE at that time?

  2. Yep, sure was. He had a famous singles match with Kobashi too. I’m actually gonna be watching that soon. I’ll shoot you some links in a minute.

    And yeah it was between leaving WWF and joining WCW.

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