UFC 90 – Silva versus Cote Play by Play

Mike Goldberg welcomes us and starts hyping the main event and introduces us to Joe Rogan who says Patrick Cote has heart, balls, and gas(?). Standard pre-recorded introductions and rules follow.

Up first is Sean Sherk versus Tyson Griffin. This is a non-title fight scheduled for 3 rounds. As usual, Griffin enters to “Eye of the Tiger”. Randy Couture is in his corner for this fight. The announcers take a minute to pimp the upcoming Lesnar/Couture fight. Sherk comes in looking incredibly focused. I love Michael Buffer’s herky jerky pointing as he introduces the fighters. It’s always good for a quick laugh. David Smith is the referee.

Round 1 – Sherk take down of Griffin right away. Has back. Griffin is on his feet w/ Sherk on his back and shakes Sherk off. Sherk is the aggressor and seems to have the better striking. Another Sherk take down. Sherk is bleeding from the nose. Griffin up. Griffin lands a few shots. Punches in bunches followed by leg kicks from Sherk. Griffin landing a few of his own. Sherk stuffs a take down attempt and takes Griffin’s back. Back to striking to end the round. Good round with lots of action. I give the round to Sherk.

Round 2 – Sherk get s take down, but Griffin is back up quickly. Slower pace to start the round. Back and forth striking. No clear advantage to either fighter. Griffin looks a little sluggish. Griffin is getting pissed and “hulking up”. Sherk is landing more and better shots. Nice hard body shots and stiff jabs. Nice high kick attempts by Tyson. But nothing lands. Griffin seems to be gassing. Sherk is fresh and takes the 2nd round.

Miquel Torres is shown between rounds.

Round 3 – Lots of striking to start the round. Tyson rocked Sherk, rushed in, but Sherk recovered quickly amd started landing his own shots. Tyson looks a little desperate. Sherk throwing lots of kicks and landing most of them. Griffin is landing more shots at this point. Both guys finish swinging. Close round, but I’d give a slight edge to Griffin. I’d call it 29-28 for Sherk.

30-27.29-28,29-28 – Sean Sherk. Really good fight. Crowd is really loud, but hard to tell is they are booing the decision or just making noise.

UFC poll shows 80-20 favoring Silva to win. I believe that’s the same as the Sherdog poll of a couple days ago.

Next up we have Fabricio Werdum and Junior Dos Santos. Minataro is in JDS’s corner. Verdum looks huge.

Round 1 – Trading some leg kicks and feeling each other out early. Junior lands a huge upper cut, Verdum goes down, Junior pounces and pounds him out in vicious fashion with 5 shots to the dome. 1:20 of 1st round winner by KO is Junior Dos Santos.

Rich Clementi and Gray Maynard is coming up. No Love versus The Bully. Nice. Jay Heiron and Randy Couture are in Gray’s corner.

Round 1 – Lots of circling to start the round. A few shots by Gray. Clementi with a high kick and a leg kick. Crowd is booing a little at the 3 minute mark due to the lack of action. Very little cation. This is a buzz kill so far. The few shots that are being thrown are not connecting. Maynard takes Rich down and lays on him and throws a few punches to the ribs. A little ground and pound at the end, but overall a shitty round of action. Gray did more so he gets the round.
Matt hughes gets a few boos from the crowd.

Round 2 – A little more active to start round 2, but still pretty slow. A few kicks from Rich and a few punches from Gray. Maynard gets a takedown against the cage. Clementi clears and is on his feet. Gray has a guillotine. Clementi is out. Gray with another take down. Clementi tried for some type of arm lock, but lost it. Maynard back on top with a few shots to the ribs. What’s up with dudes that have tramp stamps? He ought to fill that back in. Crowd is getting restless. A little more GnP. Followed by lay and pray. Maynard takes that round too and the crowd boos them as they go back to their corners.

Round 3 – The round starts with Gray Maynard taking No Love down. Joe’s trying to sell the lack of action as part of the game. I guess it is, but it’s painful to watch. More so than baseball sometimes. Maynard in Clementi’s guard landing sporadic shots. Rich not doing much from the bottom. Crowd is pissed. Rogan is sounding like a tool chastising the fact that the ref is telling the guys to be active. Maynard works around to Rich’s back. Rich gets to his feet. Maynard takes him right back down. Clementi reverses and gets Maynard’s back. Maynard free. Maynard takes him down. Crowd booing like crazy. 3 lackluster rounds and Maynard takes them all 30-27. He should win the fight, but I doubt he won any fans. Joe tells us how many great fights they had on the undercard that you can watch on UFC.com after the show. Too bad they didn’t show one of those instead of this stinker.

All 3 judges have it 30-27 for Maynard. Crowd is booing Maynard and Maynard is apologizing saying he wanted to strike.

Rashad Evans in the crowd. They pimp his upcoming fight with Forrest Griffin. The poll now has it 68-32 for Silva. The next fight is Josh Koscheck and Thiago Alves. Both guys are in great shape. This fight has a lot of potential.

Round 1 – Alves caught him with a left hook and dropped him about 90 seconds in. Started coming in and Koscheck tried to take him down but failed. Koscheck seems to have recovered very quickly. He was in serious trouble for about 15 seconds. Koscheck comes in with some punches. Alves has bad intentions on all his punches. Koscheck lands a couple nice punches. A nice shot to the body seemed to hurt Alves a bit. Koschek grabs a leg against the fence. Alves fighting it off. Thiago gets away. Alves is landing decent leg kicks throughout the round. Pretty good round of action. I give it to Alves. He did more damage and landed more often.

Round 2 – Koscheck is wading in with some punches. Nothing is landing flush, but he seems game to keep it on the feet. Koscheck is trying more knees and kicks. Alves is landing the occasional jab, but not doing a whole lot offensively. Clinch against the fence and back to the center. Alves keeps moving forward and is landing some nasty kicks. KOscheck is trying to check some of these now. Alves is the more active in the second half of the round. Koscheck looks for a takedown. Alves fighting it against the cage. Koscheck moving toward his back and clinching against the fence. Less action in the 2nd. I think I’d give it to Alves. He landed more and stopped Koscheck’s take down attempts.

Round 3 – Alves drops Koscheck again early in the round. Koscheck is shaking it off. Alves is now stalking him and landing some good shots. Koscheck is still hanging tough, but looking a bit worse for wear. Koscheck is calling an eye poke. Quick rest period. Koscheck is ready to fight. KOscheck needs a KO or submission in my opinion. Brutal leg kick from Alves. Alves still stalking. Alves now gets poked in the eye. Rest period. Alves ready to go. 90 seconds left. Alves leg kick almost puts Koscheck down. Ow! My leg hurts. Brutal legs kicks by Alves. Koscheck still coming forward now. Crowd is going nuts for the finish. Alves didn’t hear the bell and took Koscheck down after the bell. This one should be Alves 30-27, but Koscheck may have taken round2 on a card or two. Alves eye looks bad after the poke.

30-27, 29-28, 30-27 for Alves.

Rachelle Leah in the house. She looked good in Playboy, but one FGB’er was disappointed there weren’t more shots of her backside.

The main event is next. Anderson Silva versus Patrick Cote. Clips of both fighters are shown. Cote says he’s going to shock the world. Serra did it, and anything is possible, but I think it’s a bit unlikely. Cote looks relaxed and ready to go. Silva is walking to the ring with a big smile and doing a little dancing. His All Access special was pretty cool. He seems to be a very humble and funny guy that likes to have a lot of fun and has the ability to kick some ass. Neither of these fighters has ever been knocked down. Let’s see what this fight does for his pound for pound best fighter status. Herb Dean is the referee for this fight. Herb sometimes stops things a bit early, but I think he’s a solid referee.

Round 1 – Cote with a big wild shot to start and a couple leg kicks. Silva just circling. Silva jogs half way around the ring. Both guys pawing at each other. Silva looks a lot bigger than Cote. Hard leg kick by Silva. And two. Silva shrugging off Cote’s offense. Cote is pushing the direction. Silva with a big knee and kick. Silva just circling and not really engaging. Pretty slow round, but I think I’d give it to Silva. He landed the better shots that round.

Round 2 – Silva throwing kicks. Cote lands a spinning back fist. Clinch against the cage. Silva in Cote’s guard. Cote moving on the bottom. Silva is off and toying at kicking his legs. Offers his hand to help Cote up. Cote says no and gets up on his own. Silva is looking more like Machida than Silva. Crowd is booing. Cote catched a leg and takes Silva down and lets him right back up. Silva throws another kick and Cote catches it again and bulls him into the cage, but can’t take him down. Crowd booing the lack of action. Tough round to score, but I guess I’d give it to Silva again. Neither guy is really looking impressive or like a clear cut winner.

Round 3 – This is a first for Silva in the UFC. Cote is smiling and holding up 3 fingers. Cote’s knee just gave out and the fight is over. The replay looks nasty. Rogan is calling a blown ACL. Cote is apologizing. An anti-climatic finish to an unimpressive fight. What a letdown, though no fault of Cote. Crowd seemed to be booing Silva before his interview. He really didn’t do much in this fight to cement himself as P4P best fighter. He’s apologizing for the fight and saying that Patrick should not be booed, but I’m not sure if that’s what the booing is about. Cote is being interviewed apologizing for his injury. He said he hurt it in the 2nd and it went all the way out in the 3rd.

The Griffin versus Sherk fight was the best fight on the televised card. It’s hard to say if the Maynard/Clementi fight or the main event was the worst fight on the card. I think I’d say Clementi/Maynard.

They are going to give us Thales Leites versus Drew McFedries from the undercard.

Round 1 – Drew catches him early and has him in trouble. Leites takes him down. TL has Drew’s back. Working for a choke. Sinks it in and Drew taps. Short, but exciting fight.

Rogan and Goldberg at ringside wrapping things up. Joe says his beard, along with the beards of several others in the MMA world are a tribute to Evan Tanner who had a “crazy, shaggy beard” and died. Smooth, Joe. Anyway, they are keeping the beards for 2 months. Recap of the nights fights and they are out.

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