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UFC 89 Preview – Chris Leben vs. Michael Bisping

UFC 89 is from England and it’s a Spike TV show, which means you won’t have to pay for this one as long as you have cable. The main event is Chris Leben against Michael Bisping, with Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera second from the top. Neither match has a title on the line, but both matches should be very interesting. With Leben vs. Bisping, you have the classic puncher vs. practitioner and at least until they get tired, it should be fast paced and exciting. Jardine and Vera have both been in their share of clunkers, but both have also been in their share of barnburners. I expect the first round to be pretty slow, but both guys need big wins, so hopefully they’ll go out there to decisively win, rather than just play point kick boxing.

Here’s how my FGB brothers see the fights going.

Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera

Big D: Vera by decision
Cactus Jim: Jardine by decision
Alan: Jardine by 2nd round TKO
Duan: Jardine by decision
GG: Jardine by decision

Alan says, “Jardine wins by second round ref stoppage. I do not think very much of Vera at this point and I have great respect for Jardine as a fighter. Plus he ALWAYS rebounds from his losses with good performances.”

Big D says, “Brandon Vera is one of the most boring fighters on the planet. Keith Jardine is a strange guy because he has a very cool look and cool nickname, but he can’t cut promos. I would hope that Keith wins, but I think Brandon will lay and pray him for the win.”

Chris Leben vs. Michael Bisping

Big D: Leben by 2nd round TKO
Cactus Jim: Leben by 2nd round TKO
Alan: Leben by 2nd round TKO
Duan: Leben by 2nd round TKO
GG: Bisping by 3rd round TKO

Cactus Jim says, “Bisping is tough, but I think his striking won’t be enough to take Leben out. My prediction is that Leben wades in and throws big leather until he lands the one that puts Bisping out. Bisping will get a couple take downs, but won’t be able to do much with them.”

GG says, “Bisping will have his hands full for the first round and a half. He’s the more professional of the two guys and I think his training is probably a little more advanced. He’ll have the crowd behind him and once Leben gets tired, Bisping will pounce and own him in the third and stop him via ground and pound. But I do think Leben gets his licks in for a round and a half.”

We’ll have live (well, as live as you get since the show isn’t in the US) play by play of UFC 89 on Saturday.

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