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Smackdown Debut on MyNetwork TV Play By Play

I wouldn’t usually blog about Raw or Smackdown, but this is the biggest Raw or Smackdown show in a very long time. They’ve done a great job publicizing the event, and you could say they’ve done a better job than promoting the PPV. There are many champion versus champion matches.

But it looks like we’re opening up with an 8 man tag.

(Photo by Jjron)

1. Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Fit Finlay, and Batista vs. MVP, JBL, The Brian Kendrick, and Kane

I’m already tired of Gregory Helms’ “I’m just saying,” gimmick by the way.

Let’s hope there’s a lot of MVP and Kendrick for the heel side.

The match wasn’t as exciting as I thought it’d be and it was really long. But the last two minutes were great. Rey Rey made the hot tag to Jeff which lead to everyone getting in the ring and kicking each other out of the ring. Rey hit MVP with the 619 and Jeff hit the swanton for the pin.

Winner: Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Fit Finlay, and Batista

The Big Show says that he is in charge because Vickie isn’t there after being tombstoned by the Undertaker last week. Chavo isn’t happy. He wants to be in charge.

Santino says that “Goldielocks” Shelton Benjamin is only champion of the US, while he is champion of the continents, or simply planet earth. They need a new planet earth title belt.

2. Santino Marella vs. Shelton Benjamin

Ron Killings came out rapping my favorite theme song. What’s up! Benjamin went to the top rope to get a better look at Killings I guess, and Santino pulled him off and rolled him up for the victory.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

3. The Great Khali and Mark Henry vs. Chavo Guerrero

For some reason, the Big Show is so mad at Chavo that he put him in a handicap match against Khali and Henry. I’m fine with him being mad at Chavo, but why is he so mad at us?

Khali crushed Chavo’s head for the win.

Winner: The Great Khali and Mark Henry

Show knocked Chavo out with a right hand after the match.

4. The Colons and CM Punk vs. Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody Rhodes, and Manu

Looks like Carlito found his charisma.

Punk was treated like the big star. After making the tag, he just beat up everyone and laid out DiBiase Jr. with the GTS.

Winner: The Colons and CM Punk

5. Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool

They decided to get all the Divas on TV and made it a lumberjills match.

This just in. Michelle is still terrible. McCool went to the outside and was jumped. Maryse undercut her and I thought we were going to the finish. But for some reason, Michelle had to fight out of the Glam Slam before finally taking it and getting beat.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

6. Matt Hardy vs. Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

(Photo by Ryan556)

Really good match. It was pretty even for all three men. They did all the familiar three man match spots with one guy getting thrown out and the two guys inside the ring doing moves. Jericho and Hardy especially worked a really good 3 or 4 minutes. Hardy had Jericho down and Triple H came in to pedigree Hardy and pin him.

Winner: Triple H

The finish was predictable, but since Triple H is the main star on Smackdown, he had to win.

After the match, Jericho knocked out Triple H with the codebreaker and then busted Matt with the steel chair. Jeff came in to save Matt and then hit the Twist of Fate on Triple H. Koslov came in and was the last man standing. Why Koslov? Who knows.

The show was pretty average until the main event.

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