Showtime Boxing – Antonio Tarver vs. Chad Dawson Play By Play

There are two title fights tonight and I’m not sure either one is really all that big of a fight, but when you have guys like Antonio Tarver and Vitali Klitschko fighting, you know it will be interesting.

Photo by Lord Henry

Chad Dawson and Antonio Tarver have been talking major trash to each other and let’s hope that the fight lives up to the hype.

Sam Peter vs. Vitali Klitschko is odd as Klitschko hasn’t fought in years and Peter has to defend his belt in Germany. Craziness has to ensue.

Sam Peter vs. Vitali Klitschko

It’s for Peter’s WBC heavyweight championship.

Either Showtime’s signal is a little hot, or Michael Buffer fell asleep in the tanning booth.

1st Round

Klitschko is holding his left hand really low. He’s throwing a left hook right hand combination. Peter is trying to get inside, but is getting hit and knocked off balance. Good first round for Klitschko.

2nd Round

Much of the same. Klitschko is using Peter’s face as target practice and Peter’s face is already red. Klitschko threw a four punch combination and ever single punch hit Peter flush in the face.

3rd Round

Klitschko is now measuring Peter. He stuck his left hand right in Peter’s face and kept it there. Klitschko is trying to lure him in as he’s holding both hands down by his side. Another easy round for Klitschko.

4th Round

Peter had a little bit of a better round, but still Klitschko was able to hit him with whatever, whenever he wanted to. Peter was using a jab to the body that seemed to work, but only hit it with him a couple times.

5th Round

Klitschko landed two or three combinations in a row, though you have to give Peter credit for still coming forward. In order for Peter to show off his knockout power, he can’t stand in no mans land and needs to get inside.

6th Round

Klitschko was able to hit Peter with a right hand, and then bring it back as if to backhand slap him. Peter didn’t move. Klitschko hit Peter with a wicked jab, Peter winced, and then Klitschko hit him with another one. Klitschko is pitching a shut out, but Peter seems to understand what he needs to do as he got inside a few times, though without much luck.

7th Round

Klitschko had another easy round and he seems to be setting up his right hand and connecting at will. Peter is trying to hook to the body, but by the time he figures out that he wants to throw a punch, Klitschko has already jabbed him twice to the face.

8th Round

That might’ve been Klitschko’s best round. Peter seemed to be hit with 100 punches and each one of them to the face. Peter is tiring badly too. His punches lack any sort of power or crispness.

Peter quit on his stool and didn’t want anymore of Klitschko. Klitschko is the new champion.

Winner: Vitali Klitschko by 8th round TKO

You figure that the champion would finish the fight, hoping that he had at least a puncher’s chance. Very odd way to end the fight.

Antonio Tarver vs. Chad Dawson

Both guys are left handed. I think the last time I saw Tarver fight was against Rocky Balboa.

1st round

Dawson is quicker and has a little bit more on his punches. Tarver turns slightly when Dawson throws the left hand making Dawson hit him in the side, rather than in the stomach. Dawson won the round, but neither guy was impressive.

2nd round

Good round for Dawson. Though many of his punches hit Tarver’s gloves and sounded loud, he still threw some good combinations that landed. Tarver isn’t throwing many punches at all in comparison.

3rd round

Tarver just won his first round. It started with an uppercut that snapped Dawson’s head back. All of a sudden, Dawson stopped throwing and Tarver’s hands became active. He hit Dawson with some solid shots.

4th round

Better round for Dawson. He ended it well too. Dawson is staying away more now though and isn’t as active.

5th round

Might be Dawson’s best round. He threw several impressive combinations and Tarver simply looked slow.

6th round

Dawson took the round off. Tarver was more active and looked like a different fighter. But he also looks more tired.

7th round

Another strong round for Dawson. He threw more punches and landed more, but also, he threw lots of punches that Tarver blocked. But he won the round.

8th round

Really excellent round by Dawson. He smothered Tarver all round long. At one point, Tarver took a moment to relax after taking some punches and Dawson was back all over him.

9th round

Pretty close round. Dawson would flurry and then relax. Tarver would land some when he rested, but whenever he wanted, he’d flurry again.

10th round

Dawson looks to be willing to win by decision. It seems that he can overwhelm Tarver at his will. He throws 5 and 6 punches in a row, but then will back up and walk away. Excellent round for Dawson.

11th round

Tarver’s round. Dawson wasn’t as active, and Tarver scored with combinations. I don’t think any of the punches really did much damage, but they won him the round.

12th round

Tarver went down early in the round, but then came back and won the round, so it’s probably a 9-9. He was much busier, but it was too little too late. He hit him with some big uppercuts near the end of the round.

I have Tarver winning 3 rounds with two of them being really close and could’ve gone either way. But really, it was Dawson’s fight. He was very impressive.

Winner: Chad Dawson by unanimous decision

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