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PWG BOLA Countdown Part 4

4 particpants named in the last two days:

“Slick” Nick Jackson
One half of “The Young Buck$” and the only half that isn’t getting married BOLA weekend, so “Slick” Nick is in the tourney. Hopefully he wrestles in a tux coming straight from the reception. Nick is a promising young wrestler with incredible high flying skills and he showed that he can do singles as well as tag when he had an enjoyable match with Brandon Bonham earlier this year. Coming of significant Dragon Gate experience this year, Nick is sure to be much improved and whilst not a favourite to go far, he could well have a memorable match (or two) over the weekend.

Roderick Strong
Another guy that I think everyone’s familiar with at this point. Roddy has yet to win a BOLA but he’s had two impressive showings – reaching the semi’s in 2006 and the final in 2007. He’s had a mixed year in ROH but in recent months he’s started to become more consistent putting together a string of very good matches. Strong always impresses in PWG though so he makes a great addition to the tourney. Hopefully he’s matched up with some smaller flyers because he excels as a base.

Joey Ryan
One of the PWG owners, Joey’s never made much of an impact in BOLA’s past. However he’s been on fire this year, having several great tags with Scott Lost, having one of the brawls of the year with Super Dragon, and of course inventing the most astounding move seen in decades – The Boobplex! Matchups will be key for Joey’s entertainment value this year. There are plenty of matches he could be in that would be tons of fun, but there are some that may not be as interesting.

Nigel McGuinness
The best singles wrestler of 2008, bar none. Nigel is perfect for a tournament like this as he knows how to go out there and have great singles matches with wrestlers of any ilk. We could see him matched up with some of the guys he’s torn the house down with already this year such as Aries, Generico or Strong; or we could see him in new matchups with the likes of Omega, Taylor or Yoshino. Either way, Nigel is sure to bring entertainment and credibility to this years BOLA.

Tomorrow we get the final names announced. Fingers crossed everybody! I WANT DANIELSON~!

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