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PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Countdown Part 3

Two names added today

Necro Butcher
COMING TO A BIG SCREEN NEAR YOU, is the latest entrant into BOLA, The Necro Butcher. Yes the man who has a significant role in the upcoming movie “The Wrestler”. Necro’s been a regular in PWG this year so it’s not surprising at all that he gets his third shot at the BOLA. He provided a memorable match filled with the craziest crap ever in 2006 against Super Dragon and last year decided to take a more technical approach, using a “picture perfect” O’Connor Roll to move through the rounds. Necro will definitely add a unique flavour to the tournament so he’s a solid addition.

Scott Lost
One of the owners of PWG, Lost has been on fire in recent months, taking his wrestling to levels it’s never been. If anyone is going to rival the man I talked about in part 1, Masato Yoshino, for athleticism – it’s Scott Lost. The guy can seemingly do anything and he makes it look so easy. Many people are picking Lost as a dark horse to go far in the tournament. This would not shock me at all and I think his performances this year have earned him a big push. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the man everyone will be talking after this tournament is Scott Lost.

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