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PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Countdown (Part 2)

We continue:

Kenny Omega
Omega is the breakout guy of the year on the indies. He’s actually been around for a couple of years, even briefly having a WWE developmental contract, but it’s this year where he’s truly made his name. He made his ROH debut during the summer and had a memorable tour for the DDT promotion in Japan where he defended his “Anywhere Title” against Kota Ibushi in a crazy match. PWG have obviously taken notice and are giving the master of the Hadouken a chance to make a memorable year even more memorable by taking part in BOLA.

Chris Hero
PWG World Heavyweight Champion, THAT YOUNG KNOCKOUT KID, Chris Hero. The champ’s had a great year in PWG, engaging in a memorable blood feud with Human Tornado. Hero’s got two early exits under his bekt in BOLA’s past so I have a feeling he’ll be given a longer stay in the tournament this time around.

Austin Aries
Not much I can say about Austin Aries. You all know him, you all know how good he is. However he’s yet to have a bigtime classic in PWG, like he has had many times in ROH. So hopefully this years BOLA provides the setting for him to do just that. He’s more than capable of it.

Brandon Bonham
SoCal local that debuted in PWG earlier this year and made alot of people take notice. His match with Nick Jackson during Spring was tremendous fun and I’ve heard great things about his match with Arik Cannon in July. I wouldn’t expect him to get out of Round 1 but I would expect him to have a very good match regardless of who he wrestles.

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