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UFC Fight Night 15 – Mac Danzig vs. Clay Guida – Play By Play

We’re on a three hour tape delay out here on the West Coast, but I’ll write the play by play as if it’s live. I haven’t looked at the results.

1. Houston Alexander vs. Eric Schafer

Alexander caught Shafer with two knees as Shafer was down on one knee. Shafer shot in and was met with a leg kick from Alexander. Alexander stuffed it twice. About half way through the round, Shafer finally took him down and immediately got side control. Alexander rolled out and was immediately met with a guillotine. Alexander popped out, but right into Shafer’s mount. Shafer is blasting Alexander with the punches and elbows. Shafer locked in an arm triangle and Alexander tapped with less than 10 seconds in the first round.

Winner: Eric Shafer by 1st round submission

2. Ed Herman vs. Alan Belcher

Belcher got the better of the stand-up. Herman stood there without any head movement and was getting beat to the punch. Herman finally got him down with about a minute and a half left in the first round. Herman worked on a D’Arce choke for the last minute or so.

(By the way, they need to get rid of those muay thai trunks. I was a little scared that I was going to see more of Belcher than I wanted to.)

Belcher rocked Herman with a right hand about a minute and a half into the second round. Herman’s head snapped back. Belcher threw a kick and Herman caught it, finally getting him back down. The rest of the round was a sloppy boxing match. Belcher is quicker to the punch, but Herman seems to have more behind his.

Belcher and his corner are fighting this third round as if they are ahead 2-0. Belcher is still beating him to the punch. He grazed Herman with a spinning back fist, but Herman shot in and pushed him against the cage and then took him down. Belcher got out and up and kicked Herman right in the face. Herman got him down again and mounted him with 35 seconds left in the fight. Definitely Herman’s round with two takedowns and finishing the fight in the mount and throwing punches from the top.

Winner: Alan Belcher by way of split decision

3. Mac Danzig vs. Clay Guida

Danzig has some really solid boxing. He didn’t land any combinations, but he has a strong right hand. Guida lulled him into a takedown, but Danzig went for an arm bar. They were back up and Guida picked him up high for a second takedown. Guida picked him up again, but nearly DDT’d himself with his third takedown. Really strong first round.

Not as good of a second round. Danzig was trying to pace himself, but Guida was pressing him and was just far busier. He was just relentless. Late in the round, he suplexed Danzig and looked for the rear naked choke, but didn’t get it. Definitely Guida’s round.

Third round was very similar to the second. Guida was just relentless. He was busier with the hands, shot in for takedowns, and when Danzig went for a submission, Guida ended up in better position. Near the end of the round, he threw a flurry of punches, but they weren’t necessary as he already had the round won. Danzig was very tired and frustrated. I could see these guys fighting again on PPV.

Winner: Clay Guida by way of unanimous decision

Dana White announced UFC Fight For The Troops on December 10th on Spike TV.

4. Nate Diaz vs. Josh Neer

Neer immediately took Diaz down and tried to sink in a D’Arce choke, but couldn’t get all of it. Diaz was using his pitter patter stand-up to set up the takedown, and took him down with a judo throw. Diaz spun around to get his back, which was the prettiest move of the night, but to no avail and the first round ended.

It was a solid round. There was some nice grappling action as the first half of the round was all on the ground. They stood back up and traded, but no one did much damage. The third round is going to tell a lot as I expect both guys to really turn it up.

Nate Diaz was more aggressive and busier in the third. Both guys were very slippery. Neer went for a Diaz’s arm a few times and Diaz would step over and be back on top. Diaz was able take Neer down many times in the third and that might be what decides this one.

Winner: Nate Diaz by way of split decision

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