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Rear Naked Ramblings – Jeff Hardy Is Just Simply An Enigma


News and notes from MMA, boxing, and pro wrestling …

Jeff Hardy wasn’t allowed to board a flight back to his hometown after Tuesday’s Smackdown tapings because he was intoxicated. I guess it’s a lesser of possible evils from him, but it’s just mind boggling how he keeps screwing up right after WWE forgives him from his previous mistake. For those that don’t remember, he was going to win the ladder match at this year’s Wrestlemania which would’ve given him another title chance, and possible title run sometime this summer. But he failed another drug test and was suspended. He’s scheduled to be in the Smackdown main event at the upcoming No Mercy PPV. He’s even on the poster. Let’s hope this dude gets his act together because in the ring, he’s a great entertainer.

Kazuo Masaki defeated Joe Riggs last night in the main event of Strikeforce at the Mansion II, their second Playboy Mansion show in two years. Lightweight Mitsuhiro Ishida, the first man to beat Gilbert Melendez, won in the first two minutes, beating Justin Wilcox with an arm bar. Strikeforce lightweight champion Josh Thomson defeated Ashe Bowman, which could set up a rematch with Melendez somewhere down the line.

Bad Left Hook (one of my favorite sites) says that Tito Trinidad wants to fight twice more in 2009.

– I failed to list the last two FCW reports by our own Big D, so I will do so here.

Kofi Kingston showed up at the September 12th show, while on the September 19th show, Jack Swagger lost his FCW title to Sheamus O Shaunessey.

– In the “Oh By The Way” category this week, Kevin Nash resigned with TNA. Thankfully, we don’t get a HBK/Diesel reunion in WWE.

– Speaking of TNA, I really enjoyed the Sting promo as well as the closing angle with the Sting/Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle trio. They finally took the time to allow something to develop, even though they’ve pretty much cut the testicles off their champion Samoa Joe. Adding Mick Foley to the mix was fun, except that they left everyone wanting to see a Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley match (which would be the third ever TNA PPV I would buy if it did happen), when from what everyone says, they’re leaning toward Kurt and Jeff. TNA giveth, TNA taketh away.

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