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Rapid fire Fight Night thoughts

No in depth review sadly, but I just have an urge to throw down some quick thoughts on Fight Night. I LOVED this show and I loved it from start to finish.

The main event was such a great grappling battle, one of the best I’ve seen in ages. I was totally sucked into the fight and it wasn’t one that I had alot of interest in going into it. Nate Diaz has scary potential. It just seems so difficult to do ANYTHING to the guy. Josh Neer battled hard and gave a very good accounting of himself. I hope to see him back.

Clay Guida was Clay Guida, and that will NEVER get old. The man is my favourite fighter to watch. His energy just bursts through the screen every time he fights. He just overwhelmed Danzig here. Very entertaining fight made even greater by the awesome corner segments between rounds. Screw commercials, I wanna see that shit on every fight! And Shawn Tompkins needs to be in everyone’s corner screaming at them to PULL IT TOGETHER!!!

I had money on Alan Belcher so that fight may have been more exciting to me than the every person. He may have won me money, but man I wanted to kill that dude by the end. He was soooo frustrating, just totally ignoring his corner. It almost cost him the fight.

I felt sorry for Houston Alexander, he just didn’t have anything once Schafer had him down. I’d be surprised if UFC kept him on.

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1 comment on “Rapid fire Fight Night thoughts

  1. GG says:

    Nice job Alan. It was a really good show.

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