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SummerSlam’s Horrendous Build

If it weren’t for the fact that SummerSlam, by name, means the biggest summer wrestling PPV of the year, I’m not sure I would consider this weekend’s show all that big of a deal. JBL and the Great Khali are in title matches, neither Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels are wrestling, and John Cena vs. Batista, a match that should be huge, isn’t all that interesting.

There is one big match and thankfully, Edge has been carrying his feud with the Undertaker. It’s not like the Undertaker has been around recently to help. And while it’s the match that will likely sell the most PPVs, I still feel as if I’ve seen them wrestle enough matches already to last a life time. I understand that this is the big one, a Hell In A Cell match, but I can’t wait for them to move on to other opponents.

The Cena and Batista build hasn’t been all that bad. It’s just that it hasn’t been enough. At where they are in their build, we should have another month before their match. But we don’t. The match is this weekend. And I’m not buying the babyface vs. babyface battle. Someone needed to turn heel. Actually, Batista is due. He’s been due.

I have a feeling we’ll see this one again come next year in Houston at Wrestlemania. And hopefully by then, there will be a reason for them to have a match, other than what they have now, which is the idea that they were young up and comers from different brands and kept their eyes on each other. That’s funny because Batista is closer to HHH’s and Shawn Michael’s age than Cena’s.

In no way am I interested in either title match. When JBL wrestles, my eyes get tired. When the Great Khali wrestles, my eyes start to hurt. And yet, both of these guys are in a title match at one of the three biggest shows of the year. I can sort of understand the Khali decision. Triple H hasn’t beat him yet. He’s huge. Big guys draw. At least sometimes. But other than being a fan favorite of Vince McMahon, I can’t imagine any other reason that JBL is fighting for a title. His wrestling has been terrible of late, and while he’s a really good talker, what does that mean? Does he talk people into buying the show? All he does is make the Raw title match the fourth most important title match on this show.

This show desperately needed Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels. And it needed it near the top. I would’ve rather them hold off the Cena vs. Batista match and throw them in a four way for the Raw title, than hold off Jericho and Michaels until the next show. This show desperately needs something, and they could’ve given it.

We’ll have live play by play of SummerSlam on this site on Sunday. Come by and check us out.

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