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Versus Picks Up The Contender

It’s kind of odd to be reading an ESPN news story about another sports network picking up their crumbs.

But what ESPN doesn’t want, Versus will gladly take. The Versus network already broadcasts the WEC, sister company to the UFC. They recently did a great television rating for the WEC fight between Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver. They also previously showed Ricky Hatton’s last fight.

With Sergio Mora beating Vernon Forrest for his Super Middleweight title and Steve Forbes going twelve rounds with Oscar De La Hoya, you’d think that the Contender brand would be stronger than ever. But that can’t be the case if ESPN didn’t find use for them with all of their hours of programming to fill. Versus is a good spot for it if they’re going to get behind the show, but it’s definitely a lower cable network.

The new version of the Contender will be focused around Cruiserweights, not necessarily a money division in boxing. It will include International fighters as well as Americans and is scheduled to be held in Singapore. Sugar Ray Leonard is also due back as the host.

But that leaves me one remaining question. When is Sylvester Stallone going to come back to the show? I need to see that guy hit the heavy bag again.

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