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USA Olympic Boxer Is Back On The Team

Last night, we posted about Luis Yanez and his chance to be put back on the USA Olympic boxing team after being kicked off for missing three weeks of training.

According to the Associated Press and ESPN.com, he’s back on the team.

Yanez agreed to pay a fine, undergo sports counseling and make a public apology. He also will personally apologize to his teammates and keep from making public remarks on the case.

Earlier this week, Yanez lost one chance to be placed back on the team after USA Boxing’s judicial committee upheld the original decision to send him home. He was supposed to go through an independent arbitrator as a last ditch effort to get reinstated. But he was reinstated by USA Boxing before having to go that route.

The article didn’t say whether or not it was Coach Dan Campbell’s decision, USA Boxing CEO Jim Milliman’s decision, or a united decision to bring him back.

Team USA leaves fore Beijing next week.

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