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UFC: Silva vs. Irvin – Affliction: Sylvia vs. Emelianenko

You can call it Super Saturday, or in my house, you can call it “Affliction is $40 and UFC is free, so I’ll watch UFC”. But it truly is a big night of fights.

The big one is Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia for the WAMMA Heavyweight title. UFC counteracts with Anderson Silva in his UFC 205 pound debut against James Irvin.

Your friends at Fight Game Blog have put together a preview of sorts. Since there are two shows, we simply took the best five fights on the shows combined and predicted the finishes, the winner, and included a bit of commentary about the fights. Enjoy.

Fedor picture is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0

Hermes Franca vs. Frankie Edgar
Big D: Franca by submission
Cactus Jim: Edgar by 3rd round KO
Duan: Edgar by decision
Alan: Edgar by decision
GG: Edgar by decision

Duan says, “I expect Edgar to score takedown after takedown on route to a unanimous decision victory. He has a very solid wrestling base and has yet to be submitted in MMA. We saw in the Sherk fight that Franca can struggle against a skilled wrestler.”

Andrei Arlovski vs. Ben Rothwell
Big D: Arlovski by KO
Cactus Jim: Arlovski by decision
Duan: Arlovski by 1st round KO
Alan: Arlovski by 2nd round KO
GG: Arlovski by decision

Alan says, “Totally depends on what kind of mood Arlovski is in. He’s training for pro boxing with Freddie Roach now and that could mean that he’s not committed to MMA that much anymore. Then again, because of that training he’ll probably be really sharp standing. Tough to call again but I’ll say Andrei takes it by ref stoppage in the 2nd.

Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo
Big D: Barnett by decision
Cactus Jim: Barnett by 3rd round submission
Duan: Barnett by 2nd round TKO (ground and pound)
Alan: Barnett by 3rd round submission
GG: Barnett by decision

Big D says, “This is a classic fight of icons from the old UFC era. Josh Barnett, if he applies himself, can be one of the most well-rounded heavyweights in MMA. Pedro Rizzo is a great fighter too with lots of power, but he’s old and hasn’t looked impressive since he knocked out Tank Abbott so many years ago. I say Barnett’s youth takes it, if he’s in shape that is.”

Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin
Big D: Silva by 1st round KO
Cactus Jim: Silva by 2nd round submission
Duan: Silva by 1st round KO
Alan:Silva by 1st round KO
GG: Silva by 2nd round KO

Cactus Jim says, ” Irvin doesn’t have much of a gas tank and Silva hasn’t had much of a problem recently with strikers (or anyone for that matter). Sandman has some power, but The Spider will be too elusive, and not in a shitty way like certain other “elusive” fighters.”

Tim Sylvia vs. Fedor Emelianenko
Big D: Emelianenko by KO (first or second round)
Cactus Jim: Emelianeko by 2nd round submission (arm bar)
Duan: Sylvia by 2nd round KO (cuts or stoppage)
Alan: Emelianenko by submission (arm bar in either 2nd or 3rd round)
GG: Emelianenko by 3rd round submission

GG says, “I think there’s a good chance that Sylvia looks really good for the first two rounds. I see him keeping it standing, peppering Fedor with jabs, and then maybe in the third (or late second), Fedor sees an opportunity, takes Tim down, and arm bars him quickly for the submission.

We will have live play by play of the UFC show and also have some analysis from the Affliction show as well.

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