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UFC Fight Night Live – Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin Play By Play


I wanted to do this live, but my crappy cable company couldn’t figure out what time the show was on, and my DVR was only going to record what the menu said, so I was screwed very much. We still have play by play, it’s just not live anymore.

The hardcores are paying attention to the Affliction show which is in Anaheim and on PPV. We have live play by play of the Affliction show done by our own Cactus Jim.

Jesse Taylor and CB Dollaway open up the show. It’s pretty amazing that Taylor is back in the UFC so quickly, but with competition the way it is, you don’t want to see a guy you promoted on TV for three months get picked up by EXC and put on TV immediately.

1. Jesse Taylor vs. CB Dollaway

The most exciting part of the early first round was when Dollaway kneed Taylor when he was down on his knees. Dollaway was on the defense for most of the round, waiting for Taylor to shoot in. He had great position and was just a step quicker than Taylor. After nearly getting a rear naked choke with a body scissors, he gets Taylor in a Peruvian Neck Tie (that’s what Rogan called it) and Taylor tapped.

Winner: CB Dollaway by way of first round submission

2. Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns

Johnson is a tall welterweight at 6’2”. First round was Johnson’s. He got the big and loud takedown and cut Burns near his eye. He also caught Burns low with one. Burns is game though. He came out swinging.

Johnson hit three flying knees and rocked Burns against the fence. I thought it was done, but Burns came to his sense quickly. Burns came back with a huge high kick that rocked Johnson and seemed to knock him woozy for a second. Johnson is the better fighter and is getting the best of the fight, but Burns is hanging in there and Johnson seems to be getting a bit tired.

Mike Goldberg just compared Anthony Johnson’s striking to Cung Le. Johnson kept taking him down and not doing much and Steve Mazagatti kept restarting them. Then Burns poked Johnson in the eye, he went down and Burns followed up and Mazagatti stopped the fight. All the replays showed the egregious
eye poke.

Winner: Kevin Burns by way of third round TKO

Johnson got robbed and I’m guessing we’ll see a rematch.

3. Cain Velasquez vs. Jake O’Brien

Velasquez locked one of O’Brien’s arms with his leg and then trapped the other arm with his head and just pounded on O’Brien with about 50 straight right hands. The referee let it go for a long time, but O’Brien stopped trying to buck him off and the referee stopped it. Velazquez was fast and strong. He jumped straight into side control without hesitation before getting the stoppage with the little brother ground and pound.

Winner: Cain Velasquez by way of first round TKO

4. Frankie Edgar vs. Hermes Franca

All but one of the Fight Game Blog writers took Edgar in our predictions write up yesterday.

Franca has blue-green colored hair. The first round was mostly Edgar on top of Franca and in his guard dropping right hands and elbows. Franca was taking some big shots. Franca looked to have an armbar and it looked serious, but Edgar pulled his arm out and was right back on top of him. Edgar’s round.

The second round was a carbon copy of the first, except Franca didn’t get close with a submission. Edgar owned him and is up two rounds to none.

Franca needs a stoppage in order to win the fight. He scored with a couple knees and a nice uppercut early, and then hit another nasty knee late in the round, but Edgar went right back to the takedown and kept Franca on his back. It should be unanimous for Edgar.

Winner: Frankie Edgar by way of unanimous decision

Tons of promos for Brock Lesnar and Heath Herring. It looks like a near even billing with Georges St. Pierre and Jon Fitch for the August PPV show in Minnesota.

5. Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy

Vera looks skinny, but at 6’3” looks very long compared to Andy who is about 5’10”. Vera looked strong, but a little tentative. He scored with kicks, including knocking Andy down and then telling him to get up and got a takedown as well. Andy got an early takedown of his own, but didn’t do much else. Vera is wearing some short swimming trunks and I’m quite worried that we’ll see more than we bargained for.

The second round saw Vera be very patient with Andy. Almost too patient. The crowd is expecting Vera to explode and knock out Andy, but he’s waiting for Andy to strike first. And it’s not happening. Pretty boring round.

Both fighters looked sluggish. Rogan made a comment that he thought Vera could be facing the aftermath of a rigid weight cut and that he’s simply zapped of energy. One of the more boring rounds of fighting you’ll see in the UFC.

They just showed Usher and Paul Pierce hanging out together.

Winner: Brandon Vera by way of unanimous decision

Vera did say that the weight cut was tough. He also called out Rampage and told the fans to show him some love. That’s more than the tv coverage has said about him all night.

6. Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin

Silva looks similar at 205 to how he does at 185, except he just looks thicker. He actually looks a tad bit bigger than Irvin. Irvin went to throw a kick and Silva caught his leg and drilled him with a right hand in the mouth. Irvin couldn’t defend himself and Silva dropped another several right hands on him and it was over.

Winner: Anderson Silva by way of first round TKO

7. Rory Markham vs. Brodie Farber

Markham is from the near distinct IFL. Farber started to bully Markham around a bit and had Markham running backward after getting hit with a few good shots. Farber came in and tried to throw another big right hand, but Markham beat him to it with a head kick that knocked him out.

Winner: Rory Markham by way of first round TKO

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