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UFC 86 – The Aftermath

One of the things I want to do on fightgamemedia.com is provide a follow up to major shows or stories. With a roster of 5 writers (and possibly more) we can gather different viewpoints on issues. Sometimes, the second day look is more important than the immediate one. For starters, the FGBers (fightgamemediagers) took a second look at what we liked (and didn’t) about UFC 86.

Big D

Show overall rating: Thumbs in the middle

Best Fight: Forrest Griffin vs. Quintin “Rampage” Jackson
Worst Fight: Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida

Historic UFC PPV. The story of Forrest Griffin has gone full-circle. I’m a fan of both men, and you can’t help but feel good for Forrest after beating the odds. I loved the fight because I was on the edge of my seat. It had that big fight feel and the “it could end at any time” feeling, so I DID NOT turn away for it. Forrest was working the leg for the entire fight and rocked Rampage. You could see he was in pain. On the other hand, Rampage hits so freaking hard, that had he caught Forrest on the button a few more times, Forrest would be sleeping. Damn that kid is tough. Cote and Almeida came off as boring to me, possibly because most of the other fights went the distance. I liked the Koscheck vs. Lytle bloodbath a lot too. Thumbs in the middle show – fun, but not MUST-see (other than perhaps the main).

Cactus Jim

Show overall rating: I’d give the show a thumbs in the middle, closer to a thumbs down.

Best Fight: Forrest Griffin vs. Quintin “Rampage” Jackson
Worst Fight: Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida

I didn’t go into this one expecting a whole lot and it didn’t deliver a whole lot. I wasn’t particularly excited about seeing any of the matches outside of the main event. I’m sure Joe Silva does a much better job of match making than I ever could, but on paper most fights appeared to be snoozers and that’s exactly what they turned out to be.

I really enjoyed the Jackson/Griffin fight. Going into it, my prediction was an early round stoppage by Rampage to retain the title. When he put Forrest down in the first I thought the end was near, but Forrest displayed, once again, that he is a tough SOB and persevered. I thought there was a lot of good back and forth offense from each participant and there certainly was some drama with the first round knock down of Griffin and the second round domination of Jackson after having his leg chopped out from under him. I scored rounds 1, 3 and 4 for Jackson and had Griffin winning Round 2 as a 10-8 round and winning Round 5 for a final score of 47-47. Many of the rounds were pretty close, but I felt Rampage landed the harder shots and did more damage and blocked or avoided a great deal of the offense mounted by Forrest. In the end I was disappointed with the judge’s decision and feel that a rematch is in order.

What can I say about the Cote/Almeida fight other than it was just a step below the Koscheck/Lytle battle. Both guys were tentative and it made for a boring fight. I understand that going in reckless is a good way to get caught and lose a fight, but not going in at all is no way to win one. I had the fight scored 2 rounds to 1 for Cote and feel he won the decision, but he didn’t do himself any favors in building for a match with Anderson Silva.


Show overall rating: Thumbs up

Best Fight: Forrest Griffin vs. Quintin “Rampage” Jackson
Worst Fight: Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida

This was a thumbs up show for me, purely on the strength of the main event. The rest of the card was pretty mediocre.

The Griffin vs. Jackson match was a truly great fight. Prior to the show, I had predicted that Forrest would take it on a very narrow decision. It was every bit as close as I expected. I scored the fight in favour of Forrest by 2 points, while giving him a 10-8 in round 2. All the other rounds were pretty even. The more damaging shots did come from Rampage, but I felt Griffin’s superior work rate was enough to steal the majority of the rounds.

I was hugely disappointed in the Cote vs. Almeida match up. Neither man really imposed their will on the fight at all. Many viewed Almeida as the next logical opponent for Anderson Silva. Four years out of MMA is a long time and you could see Ricardo’s growing frustration as the fight wore on. His stand up at times looked very one dimensional and he was expending a lot of energy on failed takedown attempts. On paper Cote should have been a good match up for him. I think The Big Dog could struggle in the current middleweight division. On the other hand, Cote is now in line for a title shot. Silva vs. Cote is a huge mismatch. This is going to be a very difficult fight for UFC to sell.

I would have liked to have seen Chris Lytle pulled from the fight with Koscheck at the end of the second round. Lytle was soaked in blood from a huge cut above the eye and looked very weary as he went back to his corner. I was shocked that the referee didn’t ask a doctor to inspect the cut. I think it was clear that Koscheck had his number on this night and I feel that Chris shouldn’t have been sent out for the final round.


Show overall rating: Thumbs up

Best Fight: Forrest Griffin vs. Quintin “Rampage” Jackson
Worst Fight: Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida

After sleeping on it last night, I still don’t think Forrest Griffin won the fight. At best for Forrest, I thought it was a draw. At worst, he loses by one point. However, the game plan was awesome. And the dude took some big shots. My hats off to him, even though I thought the judges bought in too much to his story as the underdog. Sometimes it happens. It’s definitely a fight of the year candidate. Like Big D, I also enjoyed Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Lytle. You had Koscheck just killing this guy and beating him to a bloody pulp. And you had Lytle hanging on and coming back in the end like someone who came back from the dead in a horror film. Koscheck was besides himself wondering what else he could do to the guy. I also enjoyed Joe “Daddy” Stevenson putting on a sick guillotine in defeating the much bigger Gleison Tibau. That guy is a welterweight. He should be fighting there.

We may add more thoughts later. This blog is a collaborative effort, and I want to continue doing these sorts of things with it.

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1 thought on “UFC 86 – The Aftermath

  1. I had rampage winning 3 rounds 10-9. Forrest probably deserves a 10-8 second and i think the 3rd round was a draw. Don’t know why Forrest didn’t push it in the 3rd round. 47-46 Rampage. Event itself was pretty lackluster because 4/5 fights went to the judges. The prelims looked like they were exciting and I have the fights, just haven’t watched them yet.

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