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Rear Naked Ramblings – Margarito vs. Cotto Media

News and notes from around the MMA, pro wrestling, and boxing world …

– Tons of media for this weekend’s Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito fight.

Cotto is ready for business.
FoxSports interviews Miguel Cotto.
Cotto vs. Margarito is a throwback fight.
There are two sides to Miguel Cotto.
De La Hoya to watch Saturday’s fight closely.
Cotto and Margarito go to war.

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Calzaghe and Jones could be moved to November.

Dave Meltzer talks EXC’s second CBS show, including the terrible decision to not show the Diaz and Noons chaos from the last Showtime event.

– Anderson Silva draws a strong TV rating.

– Keith Jardine could fight Brandon Vera at UFC 89.

– That show is going to air on Spike TV.

– Fedor Emelianenko could fight Andrei Arlovski at the next Affliction show.

– It looks like the IFL could be done.

Talking Points

This weekend isn’t as crazy as last weekend, but there are still two big events that should give the fight fan in us enough entertainment. The big event isn’t a MMA event, but a boxing one. Welterweights Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito get it on tomorrow night on PPV. Cotto is favored to win, but what’s even more of a constant is that the fight is expected to be a great one. Also, with Oscar De La Hoya’s last fight coming up later this year, he’s expected to base his decision, at least partly, on the outcome of this fight.

The second big event is Saturday night’s EXC show which shows on both Showtime and CBS. Showtime gets the first hour and CBS picks up the last two hours. The big fight is the rematch from late May between Scott Smith and Robbie Lawler for Lawler’s middleweight title. Smith is one of those guys that can take a beating and when it looks like he’s done, come back and hit a big shot and be right back in the fight. Lawler is just the opposite. He usually looks great early on, but can be caught with a shot or a submission and all of a sudden he’s on the defensive. I expect Lawler to win because I think he’s just more talented, but that should also be a really good fight. Their first bout was one of the best of the year, and this one should hold up as well.

What’s going to be more interesting to me is how the rating for this show holds up. I can’t imagine this show doing what the first CBS show did, but I don’t think it’s expected to. They have the rematch to Lawler/Smith, but Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano, the two stars of the first show, aren’t on this show. They have a great set-up for their next show in KJ Noons and Nick Diaz, but according to Dave Meltzer’s article above, CBS isn’t going to show their dust up in the cage from a couple months ago. Diaz came into the ring after the Noons victory and told him not to be scared, which set off Noons’ dad. It led to a brawl inside the cage, but I don’t think anyone got hurt, or even really landed any punches. It was a great angle, though it came off as a bit forced to me, but it led to some water cooler talk the next day. If they were to follow up on that, there could be some big time interest in their next show. But it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen, which is unfortunate.

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