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Random Wrestling Thoughts – The CreedDT

Every week I will try look at Raw, ECW, TNA, and Smackdown and give my thoughts. These are just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen, just my thoughts.

Random wrestling thoughts for the week of July 21, 2008:


  • After all the great work that Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels did last night, the Raw show opens with Kane and his bag. Great, just great.
  • It appalls me how much JBL is pushed considering that with his back injury, he’s one of the worst wrestlers in the company. I know he can talk, but if when he gets in the ring, I want to fast forward, what good is that?
  • What a shitty opening segment.
  • Paul London is out to face Lance Cade. Where’s London’s big, huge bodyguard? Wait, that’s Brian Kendrick.

  • Who knew that in the year 2008, the most entertaining guys in national wrestling would be Chris Jericho and Booker T?
  • Even though Kelly Kelly is all of 105 pounds, Beth Phoenix is a strong woman to dead lift her into the implant buster.
  • Jerry Lawler and Jim Duggan vs. Dusty’s and Ted’s kids? Why don’t they just wrestle Dusty and Ted?
  • Neither Cena or JBL looks the least bit injured after running each other into cars and lighting each other on fire last night.
  • Ok, that double piggy back FU was pretty awesome.
  • Kofi Kingston hits his heel against the steel post, the announcers say that he hurt his ankle, and he sells his knee.
  • The WWE wrestlers are a bunch of cock blockers. That’s the second week in a row that Jamie Knoble is making the moves on the lovely Layla, and he gets cock blocked by one of the other wrestlers.
  • JBL called Punk a “transitional champion”. Does any non-hardcore fan even know what that means?
  • D-Lo (yay!) treated Santino like a jobber. But you knew Santino would still get over in the end.
  • Cena vs. Batista already? Well, SummerSlam does look weak at the top with JBL/Punk and HHH/(rumored Great Khali). I guess they needed something.


  • Did Tony Atlas just say, “Tonight is where it’s going to begun again.”?

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  • That is a pretty sweet belt and Mark Henry is such a happy man.
  • What a bad friend Tommy Dreamer is.
  • Ricky Ortiz is tight with John Elway? Is he really that old? And why would he hang out in New Orleans with Elway?
  • With the kung fu grip …. hahahahahahaha.
  • Now that I think about it, Matt Hardy vs. John Morrison would be a killer feud.
  • The main event was fun, but jeez, there were way too many near falls. Hardy is the right guy to be the number 1 face on ECW, but I can’t imagine a match between he and Henry will be any good.

TNA Impact

  • I wonder if Samoa Joe knows how funny it looks for him to be hanging with Big Kev and his gray hair.
  • I’m still trying to figure out who the greater man is between Chris Jericho and Booker T.
  • Does Booker always have to call Joe fat? Poor Joe.
  • So I get why Sting used to need the bat. The NWO used to be about power in numbers and much like HHH’s sledge hammer, it evened up the sides. But why does he need it now?
  • The CreedDT? Ahahahahahaha.
  • Karen Angle’s first question – “I want to start with how you got your start in the business.”
  • If I hadn’t ever seen Matt Morgan before, his new push would probably work for me. But I’ve seen this guy started and stopped about 3 times already.
  • And that finisher looks a little scary, why don’t you just do a power bomb?
  • Super Eric needs to stop stuffing his trousers.
  • Why would you handicap the Motor City Machine Guns by putting them in a strap match?
  • Actually, even though the finish was eh, that was a pretty fun match.
  • Velvet Sky is hot, but she’s a terrible wrestler.
  • That was the segment that would never end. 3 falls? Really? Did we need that?
  • If you thought the Jay Lethal/Sonjay/So Cal Val love triangle couldn’t get any worse, think again.
  • The tables match main event was fun, but like always, way too much stuff going on, and they didn’t even show Rhyno going through the table live. It was during commercial.
  • I wonder if I should get a t-shirt that simply says “Gonzales” on it.


  • That Edge/Vickie recap from last week was fantastic. Ok, now add two more to the greatest person in wrestling list with Booker T and Chris Jericho.
  • I really liked the Jeff Hardy and MVP segment except that everything was so inside that I think many had a hard time following it.
  • Shelton’s promo was terrible. He needs a manager badly.
  • Foley’s 70s pop culture and sports references are at least a little more accurate than JBL’s.
  • I wonder if NBC even cares at this point what kind of rating WWE does for Saturday Night’s Main Event.
  • Aren’t Edge and Vickie still married at this point?
  • The wedding planner looks like rapper Eve with long hair and a better figure.
  • Stevie Richards put Vladimir Koslov on his back?
  • Did they really have to tease us with a second HHH vs. Jeff Hardy match before giving us the Great Khali vs. HHH for SummerSlam?
  • Glad to see them finally promo “The Truth” Ron Killings.
  • Is it just me, or is Michelle McCool the least sexiest hot girl in WWE? Like she’s supposed to be hot, she has the hot girl look, but yikes, she does absolutely nothing for me.
  • If Brian Kendrick is going to be either the new HBK or the new Brian Pillman, he needs to lose that ring jacket.
  • And he needs to lose the goofy finisher. That’s a babyface finisher.
  • “No means no, but she wouldn’t listen.” Ahahahahahaha.
  • The Vickie/Edge segment might’ve been their greatest work together. And her cackle at the end was the work of an award winning actress.

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