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Dana White’s New Enemy

Lost in the hype of UFC 86 last week, the Association of Boxing Commissions came up with some advised changes for MMA weight classes.

Here are the proposed new weight classes (thanks to the new F4Wonline/WrestlingObserver.com).


Flyweight (Up to 105 pounds)
Super Flyweight (Over 105.1 to 115 lbs)
Bantamweight (Over 115.1 to 125 lbs)
Super Bantamweight (Over 125.1 to 135 lbs)
Featherweight (Over 135.1 to 145 lbs)
Lightweight (Over 145.1 to 155 lbs)
Super Lightweight (Over 155.1 to 165 lbs)
Welterweight (Over 165.1 to 175 lbs)
Super Welterweight (Over 175.1 to 185 lbs)
Middleweight (Over 185.1 to 195 lbs)
Super Middleweight (Over 195.1 to 205 lbs)
Light Heavyweight (Over 205.1 to 225 lbs)
Heavyweight (Over 225.1 to 265 lbs)
Super Heavyweight (Over 265.1 pounds)


Flyweight (95 lbs. and below)
Bantamweight (95.1-105 lbs.)
Featherweight (105.1-115 lbs.)
Lightweight (115.1-125 lbs.)
Welterweight (125.1-135 lbs.)
Middleweight (135.1-145 lbs.)
Light Heavyweight (145.1-155 lbs.)
Cruiserweight (155.1-165 lbs.)
Heavyweight (165.1-185 lbs.)
Super Heavyweight (185.1 and above)

According to Dave Meltzer’s latest Yahoo! article, Dana White isn’t happy and thinks he has a new enemy. I guess Tito Ortiz is yesterday’s news for White.

It’s John McCarthy,” White said. “He doesn’t want to be a referee anymore, now he wants to change the rules. And he’s announcing for Affliction.”

Big John McCarthy will also be doing commentary for the PPV debut of Affliction, which Dana White has opposed with a free card that features the debut of Anderson Silva at light heavyweight. There might be an “either you’re with us or against us” mentality going on here as well.

The commission isn’t going to force the companies to use those weight classes, but it does create an inconsistent sport, something White has been trying to avoid. But with weight classes being created for fighters who can’t make a certain weight like EXC creating a 160 pound division for Nick Diaz (who ironically can’t make that now), I’m not sure if every company takes it as seriously as necessary to all get on the same page.

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