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Book Review: Ring Of Hell by Matthew Randazzo V.

Given a chance to write about pro wrestling’s biggest story, Matthew Randazzo V. decided to write a tale about how pro wrestling eats its young. It’s a story that needed to be written. But he did so in a way that made wrestling fans irritated. And it wasn’t conversational enough for non-hardcore fans. But it still made it to the top of the sales list for wrestling books.

Randazzo V. writes in a sensationalistic style, and if you can live with that, there is some good information. Unfortunately, many people can’t, and don’t give the book a chance. I did, but mostly because I wanted to write a review of it, as there were a few times that I wanted to put it down. One of the things that irritated me is when he resorted to name calling. He called Benoit a deranged mark. And he had many bad things to say about many popular wrestlers. He does say good things about some wrestlers, but the negative things outweigh the positive things. And who is to say that the negative things aren’t warranted?

Overall, I’m mixed about the book, but not as negative on it as others that have read it.

I wrote a longer review of the book at Epinions.com.

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