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Affliction – Banned: Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Tim Sylvia Play By Play

Live bands never translate well when playing at sporting events and Megadeth was no exception. The fighters came out onto the ramp and stood around looking bored while the band played.

Unified rules for all matches.

Pyle vs. Ambrose – Ambrose came out aggressive, they clinched against the ropes for a minute, Pyle took him down with a body lock and went almost immediately to mount. Ambrose gave the back, Pyle worked a few choke attempts and finally caught him with the RNC. Quick bout, nothing to get too excited about as it was very one sided and over with quickly. Good victory by Pyle.

Nogueira vs Dewees – feeling each other out with punches and kicks by Dewees. Nothing has any bad intentions and it’s fairly even. Nogueira catches Dewees in a Thai clinch and lands some good shots, gets him in the corner and lands a nice left to put him down. He finishes some with some punches on the ground and as Dewees starts to work his way between the ropes Herb Dean calls it off. Edwin pops right back up after the fight is called. Nogueira wins by TKO.

Lindland vs. Negao – Lindland put him down with a punch early and worked a choke for about 90 seconds before giving it up and dominating from the top with elbows and punches. Negao got to his feet late in the round, but mounted minimal offense. Lindland’s round, possibly 10-8.

Round 2 started with some good short exchanges of punches and elbows, with Negao looking pretty good. Lindland took him down and again dominated. Negao escaped into the ropes and the ref didn’t know how to reset them. Once back inside the ropes, Lindland threw a shot or two. Lindland takes it again.

Both guys are tired, trading some weak shots, with Lindland landing more. Slow paced, fairly boring round. The fighters went through the ropes late in the round and had to be reset. Did I mention that’s the main reason I don’t like the ring? Lindland’s round. Lindland should win 30-27. Judges have it 30-26, 30-27, 30-27 for Lindland.

Whitehead vs. “Babalu” Sobral – Entertaining, yet mostly uneventful round with neither guy having a big advantage. Babalu took it down late in the round, which may have been the differentiator. Babalu takes the round by a slim margin.

Round 2 started off with more of the same. Whitehead took it down, but wasn’t able to do anything with it. Babalu was more active and worked submission attempts. Babalu’s round. Between rounds we hear that Babalu’s corner thinks he’s “better than this prick” and to stop f’ing around.

Out of the ropes while babalu had a deep guillotine. Bunk. Whitehead is really tired. Through the ropes again with another guillotine. Crowd is pissed. Omaplata attempt from the bottom by Babalu. Babalu landing some kicks and punches. Babalu’s round again. Should take it 30-27. Camera just showed The Undertaker is at the show. Judges have it 30-27 across the board for Sobral.

Trump, Stone Cold, Tito and Jenna are in the crowd.

Young vs. Hominick

Hominick comes out to “The Final Countdown” by Europe. I was hoping I’d never hear that song again in my life. I guess I know what I’ll be singing in the shower for the next 3 months. Goddammit, Hominick. I hope you lose.

Close round. Hominick pushed the pace, but Young landed the bigger shots. Hominick started connecting more at the end of the round, I’d give it to Hominick by a slight edge.

Hominick early peppering shots. Young with the takedown a couple minutes in. Hominick working the triangle. Young with a slam, but Hominick blocks most of the impact. Hominick working submissions from the bottom and catches an arm bar transitioning from a triangle choke. Young taps. Hominick by submission.

More Megadeth. Not any better than before.

We’re getting into the fights that everyone bought the PPV for. Hopefully they’ll be better than the previous fights. Not that the previous fights have been bad, but there hasn’t been anything memorable thus far and certainly no fight of the year candidates.

Barnett vs. Rizzo

Slow, but reasonably active round. Barnett never went for the takedown and the entire round was on their feet. Barnett landed some good leg kicks and some decent shots. Rizzo landed a couple shots, but Barnett took the round.

Rizzo feeling out with the jab and landing. Barnett lands a huge left hook and drops Rizzo for the one punch KO win two minutes into round 2. Highlight knockout for Barnett.

Arlovski vs. Rothwell

Arlovski early with nice leg kicks. Arlovski looks less tentative than his last few fights. Arlovski with a takedown, going for heel hook. Rothwell is back up. Arlovski lands some good shots at the 4-minute mark. Rothwell is hanging in, but looks tired in his corner. Arlovski’s round.

Round 2 starts with Arlovski rocking Rothwell early. He takes Rothwell down and has mount. Rothwell has guard, but is bloodied up. Arlovski on top landing some shots from the guard and goes for heel hook. Rothwell takes the top. And starts landing. That time clock is big and not very opaque. Ref stand up at about the 45 second mark and Arlovski is teeing off. Rothwell was rocked, but the bell ends the round. Arlovski’s round.

Long clinch to start the round. Arlovski lands a 3 or 4 punch combo and puts Rothwell down for the KO. Good fight and Rothwell earns more of my respect. Arlovski looked better than he has since his loss to big Tim. Best fight so far. Crowd is going nuts for Arlovski during the interview.

Announcing all the celebs in the house. Name-dropping like this seems a little desperate. Show them on the camera, don’t announce that the “Deal or No Deal” girls are in the house.

More Megadeth. Sweet! NOT.

Sylvia vs Fedor

Fedor rocks him with punches, knocks him down, takes his back and chokes him out in 36 seconds. Wow!

Overall, a decent card, that didn’t quite live up to the hype for me. The high points for me were seeing the old Arlovski back, Barnett in action again, and seeing Fedor prove once again that he is the sickest man in the fight game right now. It will be interesting to see if Affliction is able to put together another show or if this is just a one shot deal. I saw potential in the product that only time (and a cage) will improve.

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