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UFC 83 – Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra Play By Play

Kenny Florian takes over for Joe Rogan and joins Mike Goldberg.

1. Mark Bocek vs. Mac Danzig

Danzig looks big tonight. Kind of boring first round until the end. Bocek got Danzig down and pretty much held him down for most of the round. Danzig finally got out of it about 35 seconds left in the round and started pounding him.

Danzig hit a huge knee that floored Bocek. He was pounding him more and was on top of him for about the next three minutes until Bocek got up, but Danzig went right back to work. Bocek’s face is a mess.

Lutter was either super tired or he was playing possum. Franklin was teeing off on him and then when he got close, he’d grab his leg. But after taking a few shots, he was done. If that was his strategy, it was a poor one. Lutter really looked in terrible shape.

Winner: Rich Franklin by way of second round TKO

Bocek did a good job in getting Danzig back down and looked like he was going to control the round, but he simply couldn’t stand with Danzig. Danzig was picking him apart. Bocek looked like Rocky Balboa after the second fight with Apollo Creed. He might’ve not been able to see well out of his left eye as his reaction time was a split second late. Danzig got him down, Bocek gave up his back, and Danzig sunk the rear naked for the submission.

Winner: Mac Danzig by third round submission

2. Charles McCarthy vs. Michael Bisping

Bisping controlled nearly the entire round with the stand-up. McCarthy took him down and tried for a submission, but Bisping got back up and threw about 10 knees and McCarthy finally went down. He was saved by the bell, but couldn’t get up and the referee stopped it before the second round.

Winner: Michael Bisping by way of first round TKO

3. Kalib Starnes vs. Nate Quarry

Quarry is 36 and Starnes is 33?

Quarry is chasing Starnes around the ring and is the only one scoring. But he’s going to be a tired guy if this thing goes three rounds. That may even be Starnes’ strategy because he gave away that first round.

The second round wasn’t much different than the first. Quarry was scoring with more leg kicks. He was wearing him out. When Starnes tried to clinch, Quarry threw knees and Starnes wasn’t trying to clinch anymore.

Third round was much of the same. Not sure what Starnes was necessarily trying to do in front of his hometown. Starnes was running away and Quarry was pretending to run like on a treadmill and Starnes flipped him off. Quarry then covered his eyes and was pretending to throw blind hammer shots. Starnes didn’t look like he wanted to be there tonight. Not good considering they were put on third from the top.

Winner: Nate Quarry by way of unanimous decision

One judge had it 30-24, which means that he either had every round 10-8, or he scored that last round 10-6 on the account of running.

4. Travis Lutter vs. Rich Franklin

Lutter had his way with Franklin for most of the round and had him in an arm bar that looked like trouble until Franklin twisted out of it. Franklin is going to have his way with him if he keeps it standing, but Lutter was dominant on the ground.

5. Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra

My prediction is St. Pierre by knockout in the third. But then again, I predicted St. Pierre by knockout last time and we know what happened.

St. Pierre took him down right away and spent the first three minutes trying to get passed Serra’s guard. He was in side control and then got his back, but Serra positioned himself up against the cage and got back up. St. Pierre just looks so much stronger. St. Pierre hit a super man punch and then took him down again. St. Pierre’s round for all five minutes.

St. Pierre continued to take him down and pound away. Serra looked tired throughout as well. It wasn’t much of a fight. Serra gave up his back and St. Pierre just reared back and threw knees to the ribs until the referee stopped it.

Winner: Georges St. Pierre by way of second round TKO

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